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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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    Top ten places to read on campus


    When having to read the many assignments and books students are assigned in college, having the right place to do so is key. Whether your roommates are enjoying their music a little too much or your favorite study spot on campus happens to be taken, there are plenty of places to sit down and enjoy a good read.

    10.  Coaches Statues

    Imagine a book club titled “Reading With Nick.” It has somewhat of a ring to it. The coaches statues are often a tourist spot for people to come by and take pictures, but rarely are they occupied by anyone for a long period of time. Although, the seating is closes to some bushy area, the statues provide a nice outdoor venue for reading.

    9. Reese Phifer Stairs

    Reese is often filling with many of the University’s talkative students—being the home of the College of Communications and Information Sciences, but they usually do their conversing inside. The steps and ledges provide a wonderful place to stretch out and read while minimizing being interrupted.

    8. A Laundry Room

    Now this may be one you never thought of, but the laundry room can be a great space to enjoy a novel. Many students come in to throw their clothes in the wash, then leave waiting for their phone timer to go off telling them when to return. The minimal noise of the washer and dryer will aid to those who do not like complete silence.

    7. The Bus Hub

    Often times the bus hub can have a lot of traffic coming in and out, but students tend to stay on the outside waiting for their ride. The inside is fitted with multiple tables and a snack area for much needed “brain food.”

    6. The Gym

    At first thought, you may think of weights slamming, loud yelling and machines whistling, but the noise at the gym often just combines into one single stream of background noise. There is a front area before you get into the heavily populated areas where you can sit and read without attracting much interruption.

    5. Gorgas Steps

    The Amelia Gayle-Gorgas steps are often a prime location for students to sit down and read. There is plenty of space and they provide a wonderful outlook on the quad and surrounding campus. Often on a nice day out, plenty of people will sit on the quad, leaving this spot open for the taking.

    4. Denny Chimes

    With less seating and the reverse view, Denny Chimes can be seen as the polar opposite of the Gorgas steps. A popular stop for prospective students, Denny Chimes is often a place students sit and enjoy a good read. For those that tend to lose track of time or just need a reminder, here you will get a ring every minutes, and a chime on the hour.

    3. Ferg 3rd Floor

    Unlike Chick-fil-a, there are no long lines and loud chatter upstairs in the Ferg. Traffic upstairs is very limited unless they are going to one of the offices up there, so grabbing a seat and reading without any bother should be no worry.

    2. The Quad

    On a nice day the Quad will be a wonderful place to lay out and enjoy the fresh air  while moving a long in a book. With plenty of green you should have no trouble finding a place to settle in, but location is key. You most likely will not be the only one taking advantage of the sunshine, so you may have to watch out for a few Frisbees and some friendly dogs.

    1.  Your Room

    Nothing beats sitting in your own bed and enjoying a book. The comfort of being somewhere you are accustom to and have everything you need at your disposal is a great setting when diving deep into a book. 

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