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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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    The Great Peacock visits Druid City Brewing

    Tuscaloosa is known for its football traditions, college-town atmosphere and massive student population. But one aspect of Tuscaloosa, the thriving music scene, is sometimes overlooked by all but the barhopping students. 

    Bo Hicks, the owner of Druid City Brewing Company, is working to support that aspect by bringing both local music and up-and-coming artists to Tuscaloosa. Druid City Brewery hosts bands and artists almost weekly, and they will be welcoming The Great Peacock to their stage on Feb. 25.

    Hicks said that bringing bands like The Great Peacock into Tuscaloosa help to grow the music scene and keep the focus on the arts.

    “I’ve been in Tuscaloosa, and I think it’s important for the town to grow to have more things that keep creative people in town,” Hicks said. “Having stuff like a brewery in town and a good music scene really helps.”

    Having played and toured in a band himself, Hicks knows the importance that music can bring to a community. Open since 2012, Druid City Brewing joins other Tuscaloosa venues in bringing both regional and national acts to the table. 

    “We want to be a part of the same thing Egan’s and Green Bar have supported—fostering a good music community,” Hicks said. “I’d like to think we’re breaking ground for original local music which will hopefully increase the quality of life in Tuscaloosa.”

    One of those groundbreaking acts is The Great Peacock, a Nashville-based band with roots in Alabama. Andrew Nelson, who does vocals and plays guitar alongside co-founder Blount Floyd, said the band is looking forward to sharing their sound with Tuscaloosa.

    “We play in Alabama all the time, but never in Tuscaloosa,” Nelson said. “That’s exciting.”

    The band has a unique and mixed sound that brings together a few genres, Nelson said.

    “We’ve been a band for three years,” Nelson said. “We sound like, it’s a weird country and rock, but we don’t sound like modern country. We’re not like pop country or anything like that. It’s a pretty, easy straightforward sound.”

    As The Great Peacock continues on their tour promoting their first album, “Making Ghosts,” Hicks finds that they can offer something for every audience.

    “We play very catchy, sort of easy to sing along to songs,” Nelson said. “We have a very easy sound to get into and [people] will have a good time. People usually leave our shows having a good time.”

    The band is anticipating bringing this same sound to the Druid City Brewing to share with Tuscaloosa.

    “Great Peacock appeals to a large number of people, and a lot of people can find a little of their influence in what they bring musically,” Hicks said.

    Druid City Brewing strives to provide a meaningful live music experience, and its performers feel the same way. 

    “Me being a lover of music, it’s fun and different than putting on the album at your house,” Nelson said. “You feel like you’re part of a unique experience.”

    Great Peacock will perform live at Druid City Brewing on Feb. 25 at 8 p.m.

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