Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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    Students compete for Miss UA

    Of the 20,405 women attending the University of Alabama, only one will be able to take home the title of “Miss UA.”  The Bama Theatre will be hosting 12 women as they attempt to win over the judges with their beauty and brain to leave Saturday with a tiara.

    The Miss UA pageant has been growing each year since director Walt Jones began the show in 1974 as an undergraduate at the University. After directed the first three, he graduated and moved on before coming back to take over this year after a 40 year hiatus, due to previous director Carol Wright’s retirement. 

    “A lot more to it than there was 42 years ago.” Jones said. “There is a lot more paperwork now with the Miss America and Miss Alabama pageants.”

    An area of concern for the Miss UA program has been promotion. Many students on campus were unaware the event was happening this Saturday.

    “We would like to encourage people to come out and support the girls, the bigger the crowd the better,” Jones said.  

    Being involved with pageants for a good part of his life, Jones has seen the way these pageants are a way of progressing the lives of many young women. They gain many life skills, such as being able to interview well, a part he is most interested in.

    “I like interview the best, because that’s where you really get to know the girls,” Jones said. “I also enjoy talent, because that shows they have prepared for many years, you can’t just throw a talent together.”

    Jones spoke on the process of becoming one of the girls to compete is not something to take lightly. The selection committee looks for many different aspects including activities, involvement and willingness to work.

    “This is not just an honor, this is a job.” Jones said. 

    The University’s pageant is a scholarship program offering more opportunity for the women competing. The winner of the pageant this year will win a full semester’s worth of tuition, books and supplies. Other finalist will receive scholarships and prizes. First runner up will receive $400, second $300, third $200 and fourth runner up $100.

    “The scholarships are good, but it’s still just beauty and charm your way to the top,” Kayla Sullivan, who’s majoring in public relations, said.

    Jones said there’s good mix of underclass and upperclassmen, with several first-year students winning. 

    The women competing this year are are able to take away more than just becoming another pageant winner. As a Miss America Prelim, the pageant is a way for young women to get needed experience to move on to higher levels of competition. 

    Miss UA will take place at the Bama Theatre at 6 p.m. on Feb. 20.

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