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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Practice squad sharpens Curry's team


“They are kind of like the team’s big brothers,” Curry said. “They can make you more competitive, and they can make you more physical. They just give us a completely different look with [their] quickness 
and athleticism.”

The 23 members of the squad attend practices that fit around their schedules. Conflicts happen, but the women’s 
basketball team usually works with seven guys in a given practice.

The squad grew when the program sent out feelers to those who played intramural basketball the previous year. Guys signed up looking to help the women’s team and take advantage of the opportunity to play competitive basketball consistently.

“It gives our team more of an opportunity to focus on preparation of who we need to be,” Curry said. “Those guys are a blessing. As our program has evolved with our 
current players, it has been amazing to see our practice squad improve and how many guys want to be a part of it.”

Members of the squad are not just there to practice with the team. They have also managed to build friendships with many of the players. Practicing with Alabama every day can get competitive, but it also forces them to learn about the players they are helping. Junior member Joe Nissen has used the squad as more than just a way to 
play basketball.

“I think we have managed to get to know many of the players,” Nissen said. “Being around them so much has allowed for us to get to know them as people off the court.”

While on the court, the team is trying to get more physical and have a game attitude. The squad has to will the team to get more and more competitive each day. Sophomore Meoshonti Knight says the practice players help her get that competitive fire.

“We form relationships with the practice players,” Knight said. “It kind of gets 
personal out there sometimes. They really make us compete. It is real fun to play against them every day.”

This week, the practice squad has helped the team prepare for its upcoming road trip to Arkansas on Thursday. Alabama has yet to win a road game this year, so preparation is key.

“We got scouting reports of Arkansas and have to play as one of the opponent’s players,” Nissen said. “We watch film and have to learn the opponent’s plays 
every practice.”

The team has not only used them as a preparation tool, but also to have friends playing a similar sport to connect with. The team is dedicated to improving while the squad commits time to volunteer for them.

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