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    Cockroaches are forever: this year's weirdest Valentine's Day gifts

    Every Valentine’s Day, companies across the internet try to come up with the most unusual and out-there gifts for couples who love to mess with each other. Here are 10 examples of the most exotic and strange Valentine’s gifts offered this year for those who needed a weird and crazy gift to give or receive from themselves.

    8. Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses

    Nothing shows “college romance” much more than these wine glasses constructed to look like everyday Red Solo Cups. These gifts are a great way to enjoy each other’s company without having to dress up or act quite as fancy as the wine connoisseurs we all wish we were. provided the ultimate hookup for star-crossed college lovers across the nation this year.

    7. “Wilson” Volleyball

    Straight from the movie, “Castaway,” it is possible to own your very own Wilson volleyball, which of course comes with his face pre-marked. This year, lonely Valentine’s celebrators will be able to curl up on their sofa with their very own Wilson and watch Castaway together.

    6. “And Chill” Tee

    Although not necessarily a weird gift, this t-shirt can provide a light-hearted joke on one of the more important days of any relationship. For those Valentine’s Day couples who are fairly new, this t-shirt would be the most casual, but still somewhat meaningful gift. What better way to show that new special someone you have a sense of humor than to wear a shirt expressing it for the world to see? Urban Outfitters took it upon themselves to provide the answer.

    5. World’s Largest Gummy Heart made the list yet again, making it the MVP of the weird Valentine’s Day gift providers this year. If a Valentine’s couple wanted to sufficiently creep each other out, all they had to do was order one of these bad boys and spend their Valentines together eating each other’s hearts! What fun!

    4. Build Your Own Head

    In the past few years, customized head posters have become a pivotal part of college basketball games across the country. This year, Build-A-Head took advantage of this wonderful time of year to present the idea of gifting your Valentine with your face blown up to extraordinary size. This gift may have been more popular among the people who like to “keep their eye on things”, but nonetheless, there is still a deeper meaning to share a 3 foot replica of your face with someone! True love, right?

    3. Red Velvet Spoon Case

    Sharing an ice cream with someone else is love, so sharing a DQ Blizzard with someone else is true love, right? This Valentine’s Day, DQ is offering a special way to present your loved one with a gift that will truly touch their heart: the Red Velvet Spoon Case. This is a case to store your DQ spoon after a date if you would like to never forget the memories of your date. This item is the cheapest on the list, and will still be available on Valentine’s Day at Dairy Queen if you are dire need of a last-minute gift.

    2. Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend

    A recent addition to the marketplace of love, the Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend represented a new way to give a gift this Valentine’s Day. Gone are the days of having to pretend you have a boyfriend or girlfriend to your friends, because someone will construct the lie for you! People across the country were able to gift their friends the opportunity at faking a relationship this Valentine’s Day. Whether you look at this gift as being a great idea, or downright offensive, there is no doubt that the Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend deserves to be placed high on the list of the weirdest Valentine’s Day gifts given this year.

    1. Cockroach Naming Rights

    What is the absolute worst possible thing you could have given to your significant other this year for Valentine’s Day? A McDonald’s cheeseburger would have been more romantic than this. This year, the Bronx Zoo in New York set up a way for you to gift the naming rights to a cockroach to another person. For a whopping $10, you receive an official certificate proving the legitimacy of your cockroach’s name. Nothing says “our love is eternal” like naming a nearly indestructible insect after your Valentine.

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