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    The good, the bad and the ugly: A look at college roommates


    Katie Mayer, a sophomore majoring in civil and architectural engineering, shared stories of missing silverware and even how her roommate attempted to make cookies using an unusual ingredient: applesauce.

    When asked if the cookies had tasted any good, Mayer said she wasn’t certain.

    “I guess so, because she made them all the time and always made sure to never clean up any of the stuff. She never let me have any, though,” she said.

    Jack Roberts, a junior majoring in finance, recalled a story about a night his roommate came back from a party. The roommate drunkenly mistook Roberts’ bedroom for his own and ended up trying to go to sleep in Roberts’ bed while he was still in it.

    The roommate even went so far as to ask if Roberts would scoot over.

    Roberts said he remembers attempting to get him out of the bed as best he could, but it did not work too well. Until he realized a way to trick his roommate back into the correct room, Roberts said he had to just deal with the situation.

    “The next morning, he didn’t even believe me that this happened,” he said.

    Andrew Coggin, a sophomore majoring in management and information systems, experienced living with a famous roommate, which is one of the more interesting traits for a roommate to have. Coggin’s roommate was known to be a Vine-famous personality, and apparently that was no secret.

    “One night there were a million drunk girls outside our dorm room, and my other roommate decided to let them all in,” Coggin said.

    Coggin said despite the hilarious situation, the roommate was not amused that night.

    Coggin and all of his roommates was how they, including the roommate of greater fame, had a tendency to mess around with their neighbors, Coggin said. This included tossing basketballs at their hall neighbors’ doors, trying – unsuccessfully – to microwave a CD, and even stealing a Wal-Mart shopping cart and storing it in their dorm room.

    Sometimes, coming together with your roommates and beginning to live life away from parents can lead to some hilarious stories as well. Sidney Johnston, a sophomore majoring in public relations, learned that laundry day can take a turn for the worse very quickly.

    “Ten minutes into the load, I realize that the apartment had started to flood,” Johnston said.

    Johnston said it continued to fill their apartment with water, eventually becoming an ankle-deep flood. Luckily, one of her roommates worked at the apartment complex, so she was able to call the maintenance man immediately.

    Eventually, six maintenance men showed up to the apartment with vacuums built to scoop up water, but they were too late. The electricity shut off in their apartment.

    “Turns out we caused a floor-wide blackout,” Johnston said. “We try to do our laundry one time and flood the apartment and cause a blackout.”

    Sometimes you have weird roommates, and sometimes you are weird with your roommates, but either way, Mayer said she believes it’s just a part of the college experience.

    “If you didn’t have one weird roommate in college, did you even go to college?” Mayer said.

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