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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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How to watch Alabama play in the CFP National Championship Game, with streaming info


There are 14 (!) ways to watch the College Football Playoff National Championship on Monday night, thanks to ESPN’s trademark MEGACAST. Here’s all of them.

1) The Normal Way

  • WHAT – Traditional game broadcast, as you usually watch it, but probably with fewer commercials than CBS.
  • WHO – Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit on the call, Tom Rinaldi and Heather Cox on the sideline.

2) Film Room

  • WHAT – ESPN Analysts watch the game and break down the film live
  • WHO – Brian Griese and Chris Spielman, with a cast of thousands

3) ESPN Voices

  • WHAT – A bunch of ESPN people who may or may not know things about college football hang out and talk about the game just like you and your buddies, but probably not at Gallette’s
  • WHO – Teddy Atlas, Michelle Beadle, Jay Bilas, Taylor Twellman and others
  • WHERE – ESPNNews/WatchESPN

4) Homers broadcast

  • WHAT – Recent greats from both Clemson and Alabama watch the game together while trying not to fight
  • WHO – Former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd, former Alabama center Barrett Jones and ESPN’s Joe Tessitore, with guests. 
  • BY THE WAY if it comes down to it, Jones does have experience dealing with angry quarterbacks.

5) Finebaum Film Room

  • WHAT – Longtime SEC provocateur Paul Finebaum hosts a show with Greg McElroy, Booger McFarland and Marcus Spears–and Paul’s trademark callers
  • WHO – Some crazy, crazy southerners. 
  • WHERE – SECNetwork/WatchESPN

6) Sounds of the Game

  • WHAT – No commentators, just a miced up stadium, complete with halftime performances from the marching bands
  • WHO – The Clemson University Tiger Band and The University of Alabama Million Dollar Band
  • WHERE – ESPNClassic/WatchESPN

7) Command Center

  • WHAT – Split-screen coverage with instant replay, coach iso cams, statistics, drive charts and the ESPNRadio broadcast
  • WHO – Some poor producer
  • WHERE – ESPN Goal Line/WatchESPN

8) Spanish-Language broadcast

WHAT – Like Verne and Gary, but in Spanish

  • WHO – Lalo Varela, Pablo Viruega, Bernardo Osuna, and Carlos Nava
  • WHERE – ESPN Deportes/WatchESPN

9) Mock Replay Booth

  • WHAT – ESPN people pretend to be in the actual referee’s replay booth, without being in the actual referee’s replay booth
  • WHO – Um. Not sure?

10) Pylon Cam

  • WHAT – Pylon cams are dope, and now you can watch it for the whole game.
  • WHO – Pylons

11) Home Town radio

  • WHAT – the local radio call, but on your laptop
  • WHO – The one and only Eli Gold, with Phil Savage and Chris Stewart
  • You could also get the Clemson radio call but that would be kind of weird

12) Data Center

  • WHAT – NUMBERS and also Twitter probably 
  • WHO – Some poor intern

13) Spider Cam

  • WHAT – You know that camera that flies around above the crowd and field? That, but for the whole game. Which sounds kind of disorientating.
  • WHO – I don’t know, but somebody has to move that thing

14) Taco Bell Student Section

  • WHAT – Cameras placed in the student section, cheerleaders and band. So behave yourselves.
  • WHO – All of you crazy people. 
  • Also, if for some reason Dixieland Delight gets cued up during this game, turn this on with a quickness.

So there you have it. If you couldn’t make it to Arizona, there are PLENTY of options to watch this game, whether on The Strip or at home.

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