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    Holiday Cheer in Liquid Form: Seasonal Beers and Cocktails to Enjoy this Winter

    Tis the season for nutcrackers, egg nog and soft sweaters, as well as a multitude of creative drink recipes associated with Christmas. Many people do not think of these concoctions when they choose to enjoy an evening of spirits, but once you know how to make them, Christmas can be relished any day of the month. During this time of year, breweries typically offer seasonal selections as well. Here are a few suggestions.

    Haircut/Rumple Minse

    Zaid Subhi, a senior majoring in Marketing, spoke of a beverage called a “haircut.” “You lean your head back as if you are getting a haircut and someone pours mint vodka and chocolate syrup into your mouth and it is if you licking a Christmas tree, similar to a rumple mint.”

    What not a lot of people know is that it is not actually called a rumple mint but rather Rumple Minse which is 100 proof peppermint schnapps made in Germany. One can imagine they call it a rumple mint because it makes you pucker. Most of the bars around town offer Rumple Minse shots year round. It’s refreshing respite will tingle as it washes over the senses. The taste lingers for a few moments afterwards and also leaves a cool aroma of each breath taken shortly after.

    Baileys and Hot Chocolate

    Something to enjoy by the fire is a little bit of Baileys, hot chocolate and cinnamon. While opening presents everyone enjoys a nice breakfast egg nog and whiskey. Many people prefer rum with their egg nog but it is also good with brandy and cognac. The stark taste of the brandy uniquely accentuates the thick and sweet consistency of egg nog. Hard cider with rum is also a Christmas staple.

    Sam Adams Winter Lager

    Many breweries offer a holiday beer they sell for a limited time. Ryan Coleman, a Senior majoring in Civil Engineering, talks about Sam Adams Winter Lager, “It is a good tasting beer but I can’t imagine myself wrapped up in an electric blanket on Christmas eve when it pierces the realm of my taste buds.”

    Cranberry Ginger Shandy

    Leinenkugels is offering a seasonal beer called Cranberry Ginger Shandy that is more in accordance with the spirit of Christmas. It has an initial fruity taste, followed by bitter sweetness. 

    Goose IPA Winter Ale

    Goose IPA is also offering a Winter Ale that although tastes amazing but, like Sam Adams, does not truly embody Christmas. Beer is a hard thing to couple with the holiday. 


    The creamy, foamy consistency of Leffe, a Belgian blonde ale, makes one imagine the cold climate of where it has been brewed for centuries. The bottle also looks like it was a crafted by elves.

    Whatever your choice of alcohol whether it be for a formal dinner party or a tacky Christmas party remember to keep it classy and sip slow. Family get-togethers can get out of hand real quick. You do not want to be the one that ruins Christmas.

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