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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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    Campus Stories: It's Like Riding A Bike

    Many people compare remembering how to do certain things to being able to always able to ride a bike. Even then, there is always that one person that forgets.

    Emma Ferguson, a freshman majoring in nursing, and Megan Leescha, a freshman majoring in accounting, are two roommates adjusting to life on their own, having to go day by day without their parents to provide for them directly. So far, this independence has not brought along the positives many young adults imagine.

    “It sucks,” Ferguson said of the experience.

    Leescha, on the other hand, said she found the new year to be “a lot of responsibility and boring,” specifically, in the area of grocery shopping where they could use help from their parents the most.

    On one of their normal weekly Publix runs, they were headed to pick up their usual items for their dorm. Instead of taking the bus, the duo decided to ride their bikes and enjoy the weather. 

    Before hoping on her bike, Megan stopped and asked, “Emma…umm how do you ride a bike again?” 

    Ferguson laughed as her friend struggled to peddle. 

    After relearning the ins and outs of a bicycle, the two made their way on to Publix. Once they arrived, they set out to get their groceries. Pasta, chocolate, cheese puffs, water: your typical college student necessities. They also grabbed a few canned goods and made their way back to their room.

    As they began to head back home, the chain on Emma’s bike fell off. Out of breath from being sick and having ridden for a good while, she did not know what to do. Megan, barely knowing how to ride a bike, was not any help at all. Luckily, a man nearby was able to help.

    So they set out home again, before they ran into another challenge. The wheels on Megan’s bike were giving her trouble turning. Not a good problem to have when you just re-learned how to ride a bike. Megan found a way to make it work and the two continued on their way back to their Presidential dorm.

    Finally, after what seemed to be an easy trip turned out to be a crazy adventure, Emma and Megan made it back safely. Most importantly, the groceries were fine. Now they would be able to fuel themselves for those late nights spent studying.

    Away from their families in Florida and Boston respectively, Emma and Megan are still getting into the swing of things being on their own. They have mastered laundry and cleaning up, somewhat, but still are working on groceries. Instead of having their parents go and get them groceries while they sit back and wait to eat, the two now have experienced how hectic running errands truly can be.

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