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The CW CFP Committee ranks playoff teams and breakfast locations in Tuscaloosa

Tonight, the College Football Playoff Committee will unveil its third top 25 of the season. It seems like most of the top teams kind of fell apart last weekend, so our committee briefly debated the merits of the remaining top teams before moving on to important things, like what’s for breakfast. 

The rankings:

1. Clemson (2)
2. Alabama (1)
3. Ohio State
4. Notre Dame
5. Iowa
6. Oklahoma State
7. Florida
8. Oklahoma
9. Michigan State
10. Florida State
10. Michigan

Here is how the votes went. 

                            Sean Landry       Kelly Ward            Tyler Waldrep
Clemson 1st 1st 2nd
Alabama 2nd 2nd 1st
Ohio State 3rd 3rd 3rd
Notre Dame 6th 4th 4th
Iowa 5th 5th 5th
Oklahoma State 4th 7th 6th
Florida 7th 8th 7th
Oklahoma 8th 6th 10th
Michigan State 10th 9th 8th
Florida State 9th NR NR
Michigan NR NR 9th

Now here is the top eight that really matters, according to the committee. 

                        Sean Landry       Kelly Ward            Tyler Waldrep
City Cafe 3rd 1st 6th
Waysider 1st 2nd NR
Waffle House 5th 5th 2nd
Dunkin’ Donuts NR 3rd 3rd
Rama Jama’s 2nd NR NR
Cracker Barrel 6th NR 4th
Krispy Kreme NR 4th NR

The logic behind it all:

Sean Landry- Editor-in-Chief

1) Waysider – The old ones are still the best. I started going to this house-turned-restaurant when I was probably around 8 years old, and it’s still the best spot in Tuscaloosa. But don’t go there. It’s hard enough to get a table.
3) City Cafe – Not technically in Tuscaloosa, but it counts. Great and cheap. There’s a reason its early morning opening is an item on everyone’s UA bucket list.
5) Waffle House – Look, I love Waffle House. I love it more than I probably should. I will eat Waffle House all the time, anywhere, forever. I once sat at a Waffle House for FOUR HOURS waiting for hashbrowns. But, it’s a massive chain at this point, and I can’t rank a list of Tuscaloosa locations by putting a chain out of Gwinnett County in the top 4. Plus, Waffle House is more than breakfast. It’s drunk food, late night food, dinner food, road trip food and manna from Heaven all in one.
Best one is the one off 69 south tho.

Kelly Ward – Digital Managing Editor

1. City Café – It’s the best, passes the eye test. OK, maybe hurts your body clock, but worth it.

2. Waysider – More expensive, can never get in, hard to find parking. It’s basically going to any college football game ever vs. watching from home.

4. Krispy Kreme- The fresh sign is a beacon of hope in a fallen world.

Tyler Waldrep – Assistant Sports Editor

1. IHOP – Let me just start off by saying I think breakfast food is great, but breakfast is horrible. I’m not waking up in time to eat breakfast unless I absolutely have to and even then I’m probably up working. IHOP is open 24/7, so I can swing by after a late movie and grab an omelette, and more importantly a stack of chocolate chip pancakes. Pretty much nothing on the breakfast menu beats a good stack of chocolate chip pancakes.

2. Waffle House – Once again, this place is open late. The major drawback is the lack of pancakes, but the cheap prices helps it overcome that major disappointment. I once spent so long (roughly four or five hours) in a Waffle House that I ordered food for a second time, and I have no regrets. 

6. City Cafe – I actually haven’t eaten the breakfast edition of City Cafe yet, but the reputation alone earns it a spot in my top five just ahead of Frosted Flakes. The way I see it, if that many people like it, then it deserves at least sixth – kind of like Iowa. Nobody can watch a whole Hawkeyes game, but it’s a Power 5 team that’s undefeated late in the season, so might as well throw them in the top six somewhere. 

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