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    Get to Know an Organization: CURE BAMA Makes A World of Difference


    For many college students, it is hard to imagine being able to make a difference in the world. If you’re not trying to survive four tests a week, you are most likely looking for summer internships or job opportunities. However, one organization on campus does change lives, with its focus to help children in many different nations.

    CURE International is a Christian organization that raises funds for hospitals in developing countries, such as Uganda, Kenya, Afghanistan and the Philippines, to help children afford surgeries they desperately need. Here at The University of Alabama, we have our own chapter, called “CURE BAMA”.

    CURE BAMA is partnered with a CURE International hospital located in Uganda that focuses on neurological surgeries for children. These surgeries are necessary to treat disorders such as Hydrocephalus, a terrible disease in which there is a dangerous excess of fluid in the brain.

    Jordan Busshaus, a sophomore majoring in biology, is currently the president of the Alabama chapter of CURE. Along with a few other students, she helped to establish this new chapter in January of this year, and it has been growing ever since. CURE BAMA is a part of the CURE U program that also exists in schools around the country, including several schools others in the SEC.

    “One of the cool things about CURE is that the surgeries the children are having are relatively inexpensive to us,” Busshaus said. “Each surgery costs about $1000, so for people in the United States, that is something that is very doable for most lower to upper middle-class families, but that is something that the families in Uganda cannot do themselves. It is a great opportunity for us to help these people pay for their children’s surgeries.”

    As a Christian student organization, another aspect of the group is to serve as spiritual supporters of these children. As the “Spiritual Chair” of CURE BAMA, Carter Autrey, a sophomore majoring in marketing management, is the leader of the group’s focus on the gospel. Autrey opens each meeting with a prayer and leads a devotional with the group.

    “I like the call of it,” Autrey said. “Everyone is called to do different things, and I believe this is my calling – to bring revival to our campus through Christ.”

    “We want to raise awareness for this cause here in Tuscaloosa, and we also want to be able to foster a fellowship and community here at Alabama,” Busshaus said. “Many of us come from different parts of campus, all to support this one goal of trying to heal these kids, so it creates a community of believers. Our mission statement is healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God.”

    Even though CURE BAMA has been around for just under a year, that hasn’t stopped them from getting the ball moving on spreading awareness around campus. CURE has held fundraisers at TCBY and Chick-Fil-A, and has even hosted a bake sale in the Ferguson Center.

    “When we fundraise, it’s not only an opportunity to raise the money for the children’s surgeries, but it’s also a chance to grow friendships within the group,” said Emma Harchanko, a sophomore majoring in public relations. Harchanko has been a member of CURE BAMA since its inception, and looks forward to its bright future here at the university. “Often, as college kids, we get so focused in on classes and forget to give back. CURE is a chance to give back to others in a international way that wouldn’t be possible on our own.”

    Along with BYX, CURE BAMA is hosting a Christmas party featuring a variety of pay-to-play games to raise money and offering prizes to the winners. The event will take place on Nov. 20 from 8 to 11 p.m. at the Wesley Foundation on campus and anyone interested is welcome to come. All the proceeds from this event will go to the CURE International hospital located in Uganda to fund surgeries for children in need. For more information, you can check out the CURE BAMA social media outlets listed below.

    CURE BAMA is an organization that is open to anyone interested in furthering their faith and giving back to children in Uganda. If anyone would like to pursue more information about CURE BAMA, they are welcome to contact Jordan Busshaus at [email protected] or to check out their Facebook page at “CURE International at Bama.”

    They can also be found on Twitter at @CUREbama and on Instagram at @CURE_bama

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