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    Acclaimed Scottish Folk Singer To Perform at Bama Theatre's Acoustic Night


    As he prepares for Bama Theater’s Acoustic Night on Thursday, November 12 at 7:30 p.m., folk singer and Scotland native Jim Malcolm reflects on the astounding journey he has been able to experience while touring the world.

    “I’ll never forget playing guitar and singing for an audience of ex-pat Scots in Uganda, with huge insects called “sausage flies” flying up my kilt.” Malcolm said.

    From performing in front of Prince Charles a song about a common man becoming king, specifically requested by the Prince himself, to being accompanied by the Scottish National Orchestra while he sang his originals, Jim has become one of Scotland’s finest singer-songwriters.

    As a teenager, Jim’s parents owned a chicken farm where he would play loud rock music alongside some of his friends in a shed. Later, he found himself at Edinburgh University where he declared Chemistry as his major. Eventually, his passion for music took over and he started spending his every waking moment playing music both rehearsing and performing at local pubs.

    “In the end it was pretty obvious that was what I should be doing,” Malcolm said.  “In my early 20s I had a ‘Road to Damascus’-like conversion to folk music and Celtic song when I heard songs written about my home and all around it, and suddenly it all seemed so relevant and important to me. It still does.”

    As he travels the world with a guitar in one hand and harmonicas in other, he sings both his originals and traditional songs of Scotland. He is ecognized worldwide as an interpreter of the songs of Robert Burns. Malcolm’s musical inspirations include Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin, and folk singer Jim Reid, though he said that his children are his greatest motivation.

    “Part of my inspiration comes from the need to put shoes on my children’s feet. If necessity is the mother of invention then barefoot children are the father of invention.” Malcolm added.

    Now, as he embarks on his fourth decade as a full-time professional musician, he looks ahead at what he hopes the future will bring.

    “I hope I’ll be doing just what I do now, traveling round the USA and the UK with my guitar and harmonicas, meeting up with fans who have become old friends over the years.” Malcolm said.

    Building a relationship with the audience is something Jim is very passionate about. Though he goes into shows with a set playlist, he often improvises depending how the audience is responding to it.

    It’s all about communication. In fact I would say the main reason for going to a live concert is to get in tune with the artist, to hear why each song was written, why it’s sung, and then experience the story and the song as it unfolds in front of you.” Malcolm said.

    Known for his intimate, warm, and uplifting show atmosphere, Jim hopes audience members at Acoustic Night on Thursday will walk away happy, energized, and with a good laugh. 

    The Bama Theatre is located at 600 Greensboro Avenue in Downtown Tuscaloosa. For more information, make sure to visit

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