Belle Adair band to return, play at Green Bar Friday

Francie Johnson

Based in Muscle Shoals, Ala., the band Belle Adair is no stranger to Tuscaloosa – it’s played in town several times before. For fans who missed the band’s past shows, Belle Adair will be back once again to play Green Bar Friday.

“Belle Adair [is] a Muscle Shoals supergroup of sorts,” David Allen, event coordinator at Green Bar, said. “They’re a great band, really dynamic.”

The band, consisting of Matt Green, Ben Tanner, Daniel Stoddard, Chris James and Reed Watson, released its debut album “The Brave and the Blue” in August. It was one of the first bands to be signed under Alabama Shakes keyboardist Ben Tanner’s record label, Single Lock Records.

“They’re touring hard, getting on festivals, doing Daytrotter. Really going for it, as few Bama bands do,” Allen said.

Belle Adair has played in a number of venues in Tuscaloosa.

“I believe our first show was at Green Bar a year or so ago,” lead vocalist Matt Green said. “We’ve also played the Bama Theatre and the Kentuck Arts Festival in Northport.”

The band’s drummer Reed Watson is originally from Tuscaloosa and attended The University of Alabama.

“[Watson] used to be heavily involved in the scene here,” Allen said. “He booked a bunch of shows, pushed a record label and played with Sparrow and The Ghost.”

All of the other band members are from Muscle Shoals, the band’s home base.

“Some of us have been here our whole lives; others moved away for a time and felt the pull back,” Green said.

Belle Adair will perform at Green Bar Friday, along with RTB2 and Daniel Markham. The show will start at 10 p.m., and the cover charge is $5.