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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Students awarded prizes for proper parking

It pays to follow parking regulations at The University of Alabama.

In 2011, the judicial branch of the Student Government Association partnered with UA Transportation Services and created a positive parking incentive to encourage students to park appropriately.

“During the 2012-13 year, more than 50,000 citations were issued,” Chris D’Esposito, assistant director of transportation services, said. “The good news is that issued citations have dropped each and every year since 2008 from 80,000.”

D’Esposito said he believes transportation services like CrimsonRide, the variety of parking options on campus and parking inventory utilization have led to the decline of citations issued.

To be eligible for the incentive, students must have an active permit and not have received any citations or warnings for the current semester.

At the end of each semester, the names of eligible students are placed in a random drawing to receive one of five $100 scholarships, and the award is credited to the student’s account.

D’Esposito said students should make a conscious choice that positively impacts our campus.

“That is actually how I describe a parking citation: A citation is a choice, not a fee,” he said. “Individuals who choose to park in a manner that is either unsafe or not within their zone are potentially denying a place to park to their fellow student.”

Ally Zarcone, a senior majoring in restaurant and hospitality management, said she has never received a citation and was unaware of the incentive.

“The worst parking experience I had on campus is every time I try to park on campus,” Zarcone said. “You pay so much for a permit, but you aren’t guaranteed a spot. This morning, I got here at 10 o’clock, and there were no spots in either of the West Commuter lots.”

Zarcone said if parking decks were built upward instead of outward, the University would have more space for parking.

When it comes to parking on campus, students have options. Students residing on campus receive residential decals. Students who live off campus can rely on the shuttle from their apartment or purchase a commuter decal. The commuter areas are divided into geographical zones on campus: Northeast, Southwest and West.

Students can pay extra to have access to certain parking decks.

Hamilton Bloom, vice president of Student Affairs, said it is important to provide positive incentives for doing the right thing in terms of parking.

“Most students try to follow proper parking regulations,” Bloom said. “Although the SGA cannot build new parking facilities, we can reward those who obey parking regulations.”

Bloom said students should arrive to their parking areas with enough time to find a spot and get where they need to be.

“There are many open spots in specific zones, so know which lots are for your zone,” he said. “The key is planning ahead.”

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