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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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GAMEDAY: Ten reasons why Alabama fans hate LSU


1. Spelling

“Why do they have to put an ‘X’ in everything?” – John Bryant, junior.

It’s no secret that Louisiana does things a little bit differently, and that extends to the world of grammar. “Geaux Tigers” may be the team’s common war cry, but this weekend, Alabama fans are hoping the Crimson Tide will reauxll in Tuscaloosa.

2. Leonard Fournette

“I mean he’s a freak. Looking at all the running backs playing right now, he’s heads above everyone else playing right now. He’s not even a man playing amongst boys. He’s a monster among men.” – Chase Rogers, sophomore

Fournette is easily the best running back in the SEC, if not in the nation, and Alabama has to stop him on Saturday if it hopes to make the College Football Playoff. Not only is he talented, but Fournette seems to be a genuinely nice guy. His character, combined with his skills, make him all the harder to hate, which, in turn, makes Alabama fans hate LSU even more.

3. Nick Saban

“Saban left for a reason. He has one national championship with LSU but three with the Crimson Tide, so…” – Cori Aggarwal, sophomore

LSU fans once burned a Saban scarecrow in effigy. Let’s face it: Saban left LSU over a decade ago. Sure, his departure and swift return to the college football world was a valid cause of frustration for a while, but at what point can everybody just let it go?

4. The Debauchery

“I got an empty Jack Daniels bottle thrown at my head when I was 7 years old.” – Richard Hamner, senior

Every fan base has their bad apples that give the entire community a bad reputation – looking at you, Harvey – but the LSU faithful has earned a reputation for being some of the boldest and most brash. It’s no secret that many Alabama fans love Yellow Hammers on a Saturday, but the Tigers fans have been known to take it to a whole new level.

5. Tiger bait?

“Last year at LSU, a little boy called me tiger bait, so I called him a chicken nugget, ‘cause what else do you say to that? I also feel bad for calling a toddler a chicken nugget.” – Maddy Peterson, sophomore

People are warned against wearing crimson in Baton Rouge for a reason. While a walk through the Quad in Tuscaloosa on gameday isn’t foreboding, a trip across LSU’s campus is quite different. LSU fans are certainly vocal, and taunting can sometimes lead to regrettable decisions.

6. LSU is [kind of] good.

“LSU’s offense is getting better each week. Their defense is full of playmakers and the boldest man in college football is their head coach. They are terrifying.” – Kevin Paul, senior

Entering Saturday’s game, LSU is sitting at No. 2 in the College Football Playoff rankings. In eight of the nine games against the Tigers since Saban returned to college football, both of the teams have been ranked entering the matchup. LSU is good, and every year, the team is a hurdle on Alabama’s schedule.

7. The Colors

“I don’t even think I’ve talked to someone from LSU, but their colors are purple and yellow, and I think that’s ew.” – Sarah Parker, senior

Crimson is classic. It’s classy, traditional and looks good on just about anything. Purple and gold, though, not so much. Alabama fans will not touch that gaudy purple and yellow combination – it’s not in their color palette.

8. Mike the Tiger

“They have a freakin’ live tiger at their games. Like, ‘Yeah, we don’t care about public safety as long as we look cool.’” – Jonathan Conzet, freshman

Sure, there are plenty of live mascots in the SEC, from Reveille to Smokey to Uga to the bird across the state, but you don’t see a tiger on Auburn’s campus, do you? Not saying Auburn is better than LSU by any means, but still.

9. The stench of corndogs

“The smell of corndogs … it smells like the lack of 15 national championships.” – Olivia Byrd, junior

The phrase that all things LSU smell like corndogs may have originated on a message board somewhere, but the sentiment has stuck in the noses and minds of Alabama fans everywhere. Maybe the smell of corndogs isn’t the scent of the food after all, but has more to do with the team’s three national championships.

10. Just because.

“They’re LSU.” – Magen Foley, senior

Over the last decade, the stakes in the Alabama-LSU competition have only gotten bigger. Be it the fact that it’s arguably Alabama’s biggest road block to the SEC Championship every year or the spelling and corndogs, LSU is atop the list of Alabama rivals, and that reason alone is enough to hate the Tigers.

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