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    The Lacs to play at Druid City Music Hall


     With over 15 years of experience as the American musical duo known as The Lacs, Clay Sharpe and Brian King have taken the country scene by storm — one country rap song at a time. 

    From the small town of Baxley, Georgia, comes Clay Sharpe whose love of country music grew from him always being out on the construction site with his dad listening to country songs together. It wasn’t until Brian King moved to Baxley at the age of 18 that the duo formed, sparking up what is now a nation-wide country fan favorite.  

    From the likings of Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd and Metallica, both Sharpe and King are very musically diverse. Even after 15 years in the industry, people still can’t quite figure out what label to put on their music. Though many would say it is the combination of southern country rap. 

    “It was our music taste that brought us together,” King said. “90’s country, hip-hop, rock and roll, anything 90’s we like, we are big 90s boys.” 

    Fans are very outspoken on social media when it comes to expressing their love and admiration for the duo, many going as far as calling them “idols.” 

    “It’s easy to sit down and talk to fans after concerts, easy to carry conversation and get to know them,” King added. 

    With top country albums on Billboard Charts, more than 18 million total views on their five music videos out on youtube, Sharpe and King don’t set out to write a popular catchy song. 

    “It’s always personal. If we’re not writing about a personal experience that’s happened to one of us, we’re writing about something that’s happened to someone close to us,” King said. 

    Being able to form a connection with their fans is The Lacs main priority while on stage. It is their laid back, friendly, good vibes nature that allows for the audience to just sit back and enjoy the show. As to what their favorite song to perform is, both agreed it is “Kicking up Mud.” 

    “If there are kids in the crowd, it makes them go crazy. It has the easiest lyrics and produces the most reaction out of the crowd,” King said.

    With their upbeat, country rap songs such as “God Bless a Country Girl” and “Keep it Redneck” and a cult-like following that includes rednecks and hillbillies, their shows are always one to remember — for both The Lacs and fans. 

    “One time, a fan threw a prosthetic leg on stage for us to sign,” King laughed, recalling one of the craziest fan encounters the duo has faced.

    The “southern pride” movement has been extremely prominent when it comes to how The Lacs have influenced both their fans and music scene. On tour right now, The Lacs will be performing live at Druid City Music Hall on Thursday, October 29. 

    For more information and ticket sales, make sure to visit 

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