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    Twiddle and The Werks stop at WorkPlay as part of their Twerk Tour


    Fresh off of music festival season, the bands Twiddle and The Werks will be playing at the WorkPlay in Birmingham on Thursday, October 15. The performance is at 8 p.m. and tickets range from $12 to $15. 

    The bands have played at several popular summer events including Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, Wakarusa and Summer Camp, and are now continuing their streak with a lineup of performances this fall on their Twerk Tour. 

    Mihali Savoulidis, guitarist for Twiddle, was one of the founding members when the band began in Vermont in 2005. Savoulidis and one of the other band members came up with the unique name “Twiddle” when the band was first starting up.

    “Me and my keyboard player were sitting in a dorm room, and we were flipping through the dictionary, and we liked the synonyms for ‘twiddle,’” Savoulidis said. “I don’t know if we were aware of how much it would grow over the years.”

    Savoulidis described Twiddle’s musical style as having “a little bit of everything.”

    “I’d say it was progressive music with an emphasis on song writing,” Savoulidis said. “Reggae, funk, jazz, blues, bluegrass- it’s hard to pick out one style.”

    This is Twiddle’s first time at the WorkPlay, a Birmingham hub for all kinds of music-lovers, and the band hopes to share their sound with a new audience.

    “Well it’s our first time there, so I hope we gain a lot of new fans,” Savoulidis said. 

    Both bands are known for their unique sounds and one-of-a-kind musical styles. Twiddle brings together the sounds of bluegrass, classical and jazz while also flawlessly combining reggae and funk. The Werks’ sound is appealing to fans of all types of genres as they are known for combining classic rock with modern dance sounds, as well as psychedelic beats. 

    The Werks will close the show with what promises to be another one of their memorable performances. As The Werks combine different musical styles to create their own, each audience reacts differently and establishes a distinct feel to the performance. 

    Fans can hope to hear popular songs from their most recent album released in 2014, “Mr. Small Sessions.”

    Savoulidis hopes the audience will feed off of the high-energy collaboration between the two bands.

    “It’s a lot of collaboration going on,” Savoulidis said. “It will make for a really fun, interesting show. Both bands are really dialed in right now as goes equipment, gear, and performances. I think it will be a top-notch show.”

    Twiddle is comprised of Savoulidis, Ryan Dempsey, Brook Jordan, and Zdenek Gubb. Rob Chafin, Dino Dimitrouleas, Chris Houser, and Dan Shaw make up The Werks.

    For more info on the bands, visit and Doors for Thursday’s performance will open at 6:30 p.m., and tickets can be purchased online at

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