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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Bud Light Duo aims to create brand experience


Rachael Chudoba and Blain Bradley met only five days ago on their first training trip as the Bud Light Duo for The University of Alabama. The two will work together as brand reps for Bud Light for the UA campus.

“We’re more than just handing out beer,” Chudoba said. ”It’s more making sure that person has an experience that we can take back to corporate and say Alabama loves Bud Light.”

Bradley is a senior majoring in journalism, and Chudoba is a senior majoring in restaurant and hospitality management.

“We joke about the slogan all the time, but it’s true, it’s just ‘Up For Whatever,’” he said.

Bradley said Bud Light held another one of their ‘Up For Whatever’ weekends in Catalina Island with almost 1,000 people 21 and up, all to make more memories.

While these two can’t exactly host giant beach parties in Tuscaloosa, they still schedule events with bars in town where they hand out samples 
and memorable moments.

“We want people to associate memories with brands,” Bradley said. “It’s all about creating an experience.”

Bradley and Chudoba call the venues about a week in advance and coordinate with their wholesaler to make sure the bars are fully stocked.

“We can’t show up and be like, ‘Oh, hey do you have these Bud Light products?’” Bradley said.

Bud Light has previously tried and failed to have reps on the UA campus, but the pair is aiming to change that.

Both happened upon these job openings accidentally through acquaintances and Facebook groups. Chudoba said the application process was smooth 
and easy.

Each of them filled out a standard application followed by two rounds of interviews, and then they were whisked away for training at the Bud Light corporation headquarters in Dallas.

“They totally took care of us,” Chudoba said. “They paid for our hotel, our flight and, like, a 
nice dinner.”

Their job in Tuscaloosa is heavily focused on marketing and PR, where the two of them have the reins on how they want to structure events and get the word out.

“A big thing about this job: you can’t be afraid to approach people,” Bradley said. “I think that’s why we got the jobs. We’re both super social.”

The first Bud Light event for the University will be at Houndstooth Bar on the first gameday of the 
season, Sept. 5.

“If you want to find us, it’s super simple. We’ll be wearing Bud Light T-shirts carrying bottles of Bud Light being everyone’s friend, basically,” Bradley said.

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