Weekend Playlist: Songs for Sidewalk Film Fest

Becca Murdoch

Some of the greatest tunes of all time have come straight from the silver screen. Considering that this weekend is the 17th annual Sidewalk Film Festival, a celebration of independent films held in the downtown Birmingham area, it’s only fitting that you amp up to some cinematic classics.

Here is a short collection of songs from movies, new and old, that will send you into the film festival spirit. Listen to the whole Spotify playlist here.

Starting off with an 80s classic, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” is an underdog anthem. One of John Hughes’ most celebrated films, “The Breakfast Club,” closes with Bender, played by Judd Nelson, sending his fist in the air to celebrate getting the girl, Claire, played by Molly Ringwald. Celebrate your own outsider cred with one of Simple Minds’ best songs.

“Obvious Child,” a recent indie comedy directed by Gillian Robespierre, takes its name from a Paul Simon song, “The Obvious Child.” In one of the film’s sweetest and most playful moments, Donna Stern, played by Jenny Slate, and Max, played by Jake Lacy, dance to Simon’s song with total abandon.

Take it back to childhood for a bit with “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” one of  “Mulan’s” fan favorites. The training sequence in “Mulan” will inspire your weekend, whether you have to push through a mountain of homework or defend your family’s honor by fighting for China.

Closing out the playlist is “Lady Marmalade,” a glamorous and dramatic musical number from Baz Luhrmann’s film, “Moulin Rouge.”  The bright and exciting mood of the film is truly encapsulated in this number.