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Why you should care about the Women's World Cup


Last summer, I wrote a column titled “Why we should care about the World Cup.” The column addressed how soccer is a growing sport in America with a booming fan-base and how it is important to pay attention to other sports besides football.

Gasp. I know, it’s hard to imagine a world outside of football, especially being in a state where we live, eat and breathe football. But trust me, there’s a whole other sporting realm out there that doesn’t include American football. And, although this is slightly biased, the other realm is pretty awesome.

However, this year I’m doing something a little bit different by addressing why we should care about the Women’s World Cup. Recently, the Women’s World Cup has been gearing up for it debut next week in Canada. Although women’s sports don’t always bring in the rating as male sports, this year’s Women’s World Cup is something to watch.

I wrote a column several months back for another media outlet after the U.S. Women’s team filed a lawsuit against FIFA for gender discrimination. The Women’s World Cup was, and still is, going to be held on turf fields instead of natural grass. The World Cup was held on natural grass in Brazil last year.

The U.S. Women’s team dropped the lawsuit back in January but just because the lawsuit is dropped doesn’t mean we should stop paying attention to the World Cup. The U.S. team’s acknowledgement that there is a gender discrimination going on in sports is very impressive. Every player should get the choice to play on a safe field.

Although the lawsuit was dropped, FIFA upped the ante and made more improvements to this year’s Cup and even more for 2019’s World Cup. This year’s Cup will have the final game played on natural grass. There will also be goal-line technology for accuracy.

America’s fight for equality shows that every team deserves the same basic safety measures. We should want to support equality and sports.

Now, I’m done my soapbox moment on equality in sports. Although I feel that everyone should compete on the same playing level, it’s not my only point to why you should care about the Women’s World Cup.

Twenty-four teams are going up against each other, all so that one can become the World Champion. If that isn’t something you would want to watch, well then what do you want to watch?

Women’s soccer is bloody fun. (Pardon my British). There are lots of tough plays, cringing moments and eye-opening goals. Girls aren’t dainty—roller derby anyone? The Women’s World Cup is going to be an interesting month-long battle between each team. There will be lots of heart-pound moments.

Just like last year when we cheered on Team USA, we should continue to support our women. They are fighting to be the supreme team in soccer. In a country where soccer isn’t the biggest sport around, Team USA being in the Women’s World Cup is a big deal.

Team USA takes on Australia in the first round of the Cup on June 8. The team will then compete against Sweden on June 12.

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