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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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    New venue adds to Birmingham music scene


    Brian Teasley is no stranger to the world of music. Born and raised in Birmingham, Teasley has played over 3,200 shows in all 50 states, as well as 39 countries around the world, both with his own band and with acts such as David Bowie and The 
Rolling Stones.

    “If I have any usefulness in this world, I know how a show can represent for an artist in a good way and a bad way,” 
Teasley said.

    His latest project is the opening a new live-music facility in Birmingham: Saturn. But the vision goes beyond just another concert venue – Teasley and the creators of Saturn wanted a place where bands would feel at home.

    “I’m a small person with a small dream, but my dream is to somewhat reshape the landscape of how bands get treated when they are on tour,” 
Teasley said.

    His vision has created a distinctive space. Saturn will not only have a backstage and a green room, but a separate apartment for the bands that will include bedrooms, three bathrooms, a full kitchen and a 
pool table.

    “With Saturn, I tried to create the venue that not only other people are going to love, but that I have wanted to play at my whole life,” 
he said.

    Teasley’s hometown is important to him as well, 
he said.

    “Not only are we ambassadors for our establishment, we are representing all of Birmingham and how it will be perceived by out-of-town bands,” he said.

    Teasley and Charlie Smith, the venue manager for Saturn, said they have been impressed by the growth of Alabama’s music scene in the past few years. They said they hope Saturn will continue the trend of making Birmingham an inviting city for 
traveling artists.

    “Birmingham’s music scene is blowing me away right now, it’s 
growing so rapidly,” Smith said. “You have on one hand the musicians that are coming out of here, Lee Bains, St. Paul and the Broken Bones – everything they have done is so awesome. And then on the other side you have all the music fans. It’s just so inspiring to have a night where every venue in town has sold 
out shows.”

    The Bowery Presents, an independent promotion company, is teaming up with Saturn to help create the lineup for the venue.

    “[The Bowery Presents is] particularly excited about Saturn. The second we laid eyes on the venue space, we saw [Teasley’s] vision and wanted to be part of it,” Jim Glancy of The Bowery Presents said. “Our goal when opening a new venue is taking care of people, both artists 
and consumer.”

    Smith and Teasley said they hope the venue provides bands and audience members with 
unforgettable experiences.

    “I want it to be unlike any experience they have had in town before,” Smith said. “I want them to be able to get in the door and see their favorite bands and have the best night of their lives and not have to worry about 
anything else.”

    Saturn’s lineup has been announced and already features nearly 20 shows that will begin in April. More information about the lineup and the venue can be found 

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