Spillers banner taken off ATO porch

Spillers banner taken off ATO porch

Two unidentified men were caught on video taking down a sign supporting SGA president candidate Elliot Spillers from the front of the Alpha Tau Omega house early Thursday morning. Photo Courtesy of Alpha Tau Omega

Rachel Brown

Spillers and his campaign team learned of the event Thursday morning.

“This is something that is not reflective of the entire Greek community,” he said. “Just a small percentage.”

Stephen Keller, the opposing candidate for the office of president, condemned the act in a statement made to The Crimson White and posted to his 
campaign Facebook page.

“Our campaign is based on transparency and fairness,” he said. “We do not condone any action to harm my opponent or his campaign. I believe it is crucial in the spirit of civil discourse to remain cordial and friendly with my opponent so we may continue [a] good working relationship regardless of 
the results.”

Spillers thanked Keller for openly speaking out against the event and said, “it showed brightly on their part.”

Mark Hammontree, Spillers’s campaign manager, said he believes this incident is similar to incidents that have occurred during previous SGA 
campaign seasons.

“What Elliot and Tate Thomas are trying to do is change the culture of [The University] to where we are not divided over Greek and non-Greek anywhere,” Hammontree said. “But where the value every student brings to the University is honored.”

Cathy Andreen, director of media relations for The University of Alabama said the elections board has been notified of the event, and they are following normal 
investigation procedures.

Alpha Tau Omega has since put up a new banner in front of their house supporting both Spillers and Thomas.

“We’re not going to let this get in the way and we don’t want people to harp on this issue, “ Hammontree said. “We’re just ready to move past it.”