Alabama Supreme Court issues halt to same-sex marriage licenses

Peyton Shepard

The Alabama Supreme Court issued a writ of mandamus to halt same-sex marriage in the state Tuesday, reversing United States District Court Judge Callie Granade’s Jan. 23 ruling that struck down the state’s ban on gay marriage. The order was requested by the Alabama Policy Institute and the Alabama Citizens Action Program in February.

Alabama probate judges, the order states, “have a ministerial duty to follow Alabama law limiting marriage to a union of man and one woman.” The order also states that “the provisions of Alabama law … do not violate the United States Constitution and that the Constitution does not alter or override the ministerial duties of the respondents under Alabama law.”

Gov. Robert Bentley and other state leaders were gathered in Montgomery at the time of the decision. A spokeswoman for Bentley said the administration was reviewing the decision and had no immediate comment. Bentley has previously said while he believes marriage is meant for one man and one woman, the issue should be “worked out through the proper legal channels,” and he seeks “to move this state forward.”

Compiled by Peyton Shepard