Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Creative Campus engages students in the arts

The plan for Creative Campus this year mostly centers on not always sticking to a definite plan.

“It would be dishonest to say we can foresee what this year will bring,” said Hank Lazer, the executive director of Creative Campus. “We’re always open to new ideas and projects.”

The staff of Creative Campus considers the organization to be a hub for the arts, where they build partnerships and collaborate with a variety of organizations both on and off campus. It is hailed as the only program of its kind because of its distinct student-driven nature regarding event planning, Lazer said.

Most of their events are either organized in conjunction with these other groups or planned by the Creative Campus interns.

“The content always changes because each year’s interns bring different passions and expertise,” Lazer said.

They organize events ranging from poetry slams to panel discussions, and a number of interns always attend in order to answer questions face-to-face, said intern coordinator Andi Johnson, a senior majoring in English.

Creative Campus advocates edgier, experimental art forms through many of its events.

“They’re more than put your butt in a seat, sit there for an hour and a half and be quiet, then go away,” Lazer said. “We have a much more imaginative array of events.”

In an average year, they have a staff of about 20-30 interns, but this year they’re working with more than 60 from many majors and backgrounds.

“We do have different focus areas and different ideas, goals and hopes, but we all chip in on each other’s projects,” said returning intern Ryan Davis, a senior majoring in interdisciplinary studies. “I can’t say enough about the experience people can tap into by getting involved in just one project.”

The summer staff has already planned some fall events, including a series of visiting professional authors. They have also begun organizing the second annual Druid City Arts Festival and PixelCon with plans to build on the success of last year’s events.

“In the summer, our task is to seed the fall with starter events as a model so the interns can get the basics of project planning down,” said Alexis Clark, coordinator for Creative Campus. “We have three major events, but the rest of the year is wide open for intern ideas.”

Creative Campus also solicits ideas from any interested student using the Big Idea form on their website.

“Anybody can say, ‘Hey, Creative Campus, have you thought about doing this?’” Clark said. “We’re always open to having that conversation.”

The staff is also further developing the Creative Campus Assembly program to generate more interest and involvement in the arts.

“Assembly is the first step to access Creative Campus,” Clark said. “We want to ensure opportunities for all students to have access to the arts in any way.”

Along with the Assembly, Creative Campus provides an online guide to Arts Participation at

“Creative Campus is for everybody,” Clark said. “It’s not some elitist group. We’re here to serve, so seek us out and have a conversation.”

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