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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Blend lunches continue

Blend was founded in spring 2012 to focus on and discuss racial issues at the University, but it has expanded to include a wide range of issues and be a more social organization.

“We aren’t pushing an agenda,” said Meghan Dornana, a junior majoring in political science and public relations. “We are trying to make strides in accepting people from all backgrounds. Anyone can come to the table.”

The “table” refers to the Blend Days held every Wednesday in the Ferguson Center from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The distinctive green tablecloths make the Blend table stick out from the rest.

On Blend Days members gather to eat lunch and talk openly with other members, or with anyone who wants to sit down at the table. Blend lunches aim to facilitate conversations between students about important issues on UA’s campus including diversity, Greek life 
and religion.

“Blend is dialogue-based,” Dornan said. “We focus on having conversations with each other. When we talk to one another, we realize that we aren’t very different 
at all.”

These conversations unite UA students while promoting acceptance and diversity, she said.

“Blend is important because the whole campus needs to come together,” said Halle Lindsay, president of Blend and a junior majoring in psychology. “Instead of hanging around the same people, we need to meet everyone we normally wouldn’t meet.”

Lindsay said she got involved with Blend after she attended a few 
meetings and saw that their goals for the University weren’t just pipe dreams.

“I saw all of Blend’s neat and different ideas about bringing this campus together,” Lindsay said. “They had 
manageable goals.”

Blend members work toward accomplishing their goals of embracing diversity and opening up conversation not only by hosting Blend Days, but also 
Blend Nights.

The first Blend Night of the year was called “Blend into the Capstone,” which was held in the Ferguson Center Aug. 26. This night focused on opening discussion for freshmen and connecting students.

“We get food and do a lot of icebreakers to get to know each other,” Dornan said. “We also had a panel of accomplished students to help the freshman with any questions they had 
about college.”

Blend also brings students together every day by creating a designated button that features multicolored hands reaching upwards. Members wear this button on their backpack straps so other members can identify them, even if they’ve never met before.

“When you see buttons around campus, you give them a high five,” Dornan said. “It changes my day.”

Lindsay said she thinks Blend is already headed towards making a major impact on campus.

“Blend creates a ripple effect,” she said. “Our waves go out to other people, and they create their own ripples.”

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