Looking to the future

CW Editorial Board

You may have noticed something different about The Crimson White. No, we did not cut our hair, but we did lose some weight, so to speak.

Our print edition has been redesigned to a smaller tabloid format, making the CW much easier to hold, fold and read on the go. We are also changing the way we write and present stories, complete with plenty of color and visuals. This means what you read in the CW will be more engaging and useful in your day-to-day life at The University of Alabama.

The new look for our print edition is just a step in the new direction of The Crimson White. Our goal is to become a more complete news organization, not just a newspaper. We are making several changes to provide you, our readers, the information you need whenever, wherever and however ?you want it.

We want the CW to be a part of ?everyday life for our readers. Whether you get your news by picking up a paper each day, logging on to our website or following our social media, we will be ready to get you the information you need.

Along with the redesigned print edition, our new website is easier to use, better organized and more focused. We can now present information online in ways that would be impossible in print. With that in mind, we will roll out online-only content in the fall, both to complement our print edition and to become a true 24/7 ?news organization.

We will be busy reporting the news to our audience around the clock, so we will be using our online platform and social media to relay information accurately and quickly. We have streamlined our news sharing process, so you will know what’s happening as soon as we do. To adapt to a world that changes on a daily basis, we will continue to make changes as needed, always striving to be the best source for news in Tuscaloosa.

Our View is the consensus of The Crimson White editorial board.