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Advertising students submit work to national student showcase

A group of advertising students will have their work displayed in a national student showcase this May.

Students in Glenn Griffin’s advanced advertising development class have submitted 20 pieces of work to a professional creative exhibition called “The One Show” by The One Club for Art & Copy in New York City.

“The One Club is like the Oscars of advertising,” Katie Davis, a junior majoring in advertising, said. “There’s three or four awards shows for advertising that actually matter, and this is definitely the best one.”

Davis and her classmates spent the semester planning concepts for advertising campaigns and just finalized their submissions this month. Davis said the actual process of creating the campaign took about two weeks.

The students created advertisements for real products that are currently on the market. Corinne Mizzell, who graduated in December, submitted a campaign for Sodastream.

“You create 10 portfolio pieces for the campaign,” Mizzell said. “We would select our products, do research on it, then do a brief, which is just the strong points about the product, the good selling points. Then we would go and do roughs and thumbnails. We would do hundreds of thumbnails until we came up with good enough ads. Then you go in and actually create it.”

Brenna Horrocks, a senior majoring in advertising, used social media as the basis for her campaign for Warby Parker Eyewear.

“One thing that sets Warby Parker apart from it’s competitors is their highly interactive website,” Horrocks said. “It’s equipped with a virtual try-on service where customers upload a photo of themselves to get an idea of how a frame will look and one-click icons to upload to Facebook or Twitter to get feedback from friends. I used this information to create a campaign that plays with social media and literary jargon such as ‘selfie,’ ‘likes’ and the concept of ‘finishing a novel.’”

Horrocks said taking Griffin’s class was an important step in starting her career because it allowed her to create a portfolio she can show to potential employers. Students often take the class more than one semester to further expand their portfolio.

In 2013, just 25 schools from around the world had their work displayed. This is the University’s second year being invited to submit campaigns.

“New York City is basically the advertising mecca, so any opportunity to have work displayed there is an incredible honor,” Horrocks said. “In other words, this is a ‘wait until no one is watching and then pull out your shameless celebration dance moves in the middle of the Reese Phifer parking lot.’”

The One Club’s Annual Student Exhibition will run May 6 to 8 in New York City’s SoHo district.

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