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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Tide Talks to host final event of semester

Tide Talks, the TED-inspired, student-led speaker series, will wrap up the semester on Friday, April 25, at 6:30 p.m. in Russell Hall Auditorium. The seventh installment of Tide Talks will have four speakers talk about various hot topics on campus and in today’s world.

Kevin Pabst, president of Tide Talks, said he is excited about the program and what he thinks the series does for students on campus.

“Tide Talks is a student-led speaker series that seeks to bring together the most inspiring students who represent unique parts of the University and give them a platform to share their revolutionary ideas on how to impact change on campus,” Pabst said.

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The speakers lined up for the event – Mark Ortiz, Alex Waits, Hannah Stephens and David Phelps – come from all areas of campus. Although the event starts at 6:30 p.m., Pabst encouraged students to arrive closer to 6 p.m., as there will be a number of fun opportunities available in the lobby before the event starts.

Tide Talks speakers get to choose their own topics, just like TED Talks.

“There is no one set topic per Tide Talks event,” Pabst said. “Rather, each speaker selects their own topic, and we try to bring together four distinct and unique presentations to have very different ideas present in one night.”

Caroline Fredericks, director of social media, said a program like Tide Talks is a vital part of campus life, and it gives students a voice.

“Tide Talks aims to share student ideas that cover culture, technology, science and campus issues,” Fredericks said. “Any topic that is significant to a student on campus is significant to Tide Talks.”

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Drew Cicero, a sophomore majoring in marketing, said he has attended several of Tide Talks and has enjoyed the broad range of topics covered.

“I enjoyed the differing topics. The talks covered everything from Turkey to genetics, allowing the audience members to always be intrigued and involved with the program,” Cicero said. “Between sports and politics, they’ll hit two of my favorite topics. My experience was excellent the first time, so I’ll definitely be returning.”

Based on the buzz that Tide Talks has generated around campus, it has done exactly what Pabst said he wanted it to do.

“The main thing we want students to take away from this event is discussion,” he said. “We hope that the talks don’t end once the doors close and the night is over; we want the revolutionary ideas presented at our event to continue to grow and spread through social media, online activity and, most importantly, through conversations. We hope our audience members take these ideas and realize the change they can bring for themselves. ”

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