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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Renovations to Rounders increase business


Bar-hopping without actually leaving the bar was the goal in renovating Rounders, a popular student venue on the Strip.

On A-Day weekend, Rounders debuted its new renovations: a rooftop deck, a Vegas-like backroom and a downstairs sports bar. The renovations were made to increase business and give the University of Alabma community a place to have a good time, Grant McCabe, the bar’s owner, said.

Almost immediately after Rounders opened its doors, it saw an increase in customers, and its allowed occupancy increased from 290 to 863, McCabe said.

He also said they had the best summer they’ve ever had.

“With all the students they’ve added this year …we expect a big increase in customers,” he said. “This is the best football lineup we’ve had in quite some time.”

The amount of money spent on renovations hasn’t been released, but McCabe said they spent five times more than anticipated.

“We’re happy that we did what we did, and we don’t regret any of it,” McCabe said.

The rooftop was the biggest change for Rounders. It was added to host live bands, DJs and house music.

McCabe said he wanted to transform Rounders into a bar where students didn’t have to go to different places to make their group happy.

“Our goal was to provide three different atmospheres all in one venue to entertain everybody,” McCabe said.

Emily Nieman, a senior majoring in Spanish, said she loves the new renovations because of its size wincrease and the rooftop deck.

“Rounders used to be so small and crowded, but now I can enjoy myself and be in a clean, fun environment,” Nieman said. “I like the theme nights they have and not having to pay cover on Thursdays.”

Rounders is hosting Tune Tuesdays, where they will give away more than $500 in prizes. In the past, they have awarded gift cards for Woods & Water and Victoria’s Secret, but McCabe said once concert season starts at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater, they plan on giving away tickets to go with the “tune” theme.

General Manager Grey Standridge said Rounders would also be holding several other themed events weekly.

“We are also hosting Western Wednesday with $1 Budweiser’s and $1 whiskey drinks,” Standridge said.

Rounders is also not charging cover on Thursday nights for the 21-and-over crowd, offering free party room rentals Monday through Wednesday, and has a VIP section upstairs and in the back room, McCabe said.

McCabe said the main goal was to give Rounders a clean, upbeat feel and for groups of friends not to have to bar-hop, making Rounders the place to go for every experience.


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