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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Quidditch at the Capstone commences activities

After months of anticipation and a change of name, location and management, Quidditch is returning to The University of Alabama this week.

Formerly known as “Quidditch on the Quad,” Quidditch at the Capstone is a weeklong tournament based on the Harry Potter book series. The Honors College Assembly is hosting this year’s tournament. This year, there are 43 teams registered for the tournament.

“We’re so excited that UA’s most magical event is finally here,” Olivia West, HCA vice president, said. “We know everyone is going to have a blast, from the first-time Quidditch spectator to the Harry Potter enthusiast. There’s going to be something for everyone. I can’t wait to start earning points for my house.”

Quidditch events and matches will occur Monday through Thursday and Sunday. The matches Monday through Thursday will begin at 6 p.m. each night and Sunday is finals day.

John McDonough, Quidditch coordinator for HCA, said each day will feature a variety of events and contests in which any student, regardless of whether they are on a team, can participate.

“All of the activities earn you House Points,” he said. “Although [Monday night] is the Sorting Day, [students] can join a house any day of the tournament. The winning house will get a Dead Week treat: free food at Nott Hall.”

Students can also volunteer to help during Quidditch matches, McDonough said.

“We need five types of volunteers,” he said. “Snitch runners, hoop watchers who get to watch the game and communicate with the referees if the quaffle goes through the hoop or not.

Scorekeepers who keep score for the game and monitor the penalty boxes, and we need help setting up and taking down the fields and signage. Finally, on Sunday, we’ll need help running activities.”

Students interested in volunteering should visit the Quidditch at the Capstone Facebook page.

Kaci Davis, a freshman majoring in psychology and captain of the Sparta Quidditch team, said she feels a weeklong Quidditch event makes it feel more like the World Cup described in the books.

“It’s more competitive because the teams all want to stay in the tournament,” Davis said. “Plus, the more Quidditch the better, right? Harry Potter fans will have more opportunities to join in the fun with the longer amount of time.”

Michael Forst, HCA president, said HCA is excited to work with volunteers from all over campus.

“Quidditch at the Capstone provides opportunities for all types of students, those interested in playing and watching the sport and those who simply love the magic of Harry Potter,” he said.

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