Joshua White receives Sullivan Award

Chandler Wright

Although campus and his involvements have evolved with him throughout his time at the Capstone, Joshua White, recipient of The University of Alabama’s Algernon Sullivan Award, has largely stayed the same.

“He hasn’t really changed that much over the four years. Yes, he’s matured. But the core ‘good person’ was there when I first met him,” Ron Dulek, John R. Miller professor of management and marketing and White’s faculty mentor, said. “Now he may be a little more confident and certain in his progression, and he knows more, but he is still a good person at his core.”

The Sullivan Award is considered the highest honor The University of Alabama offers, according to the Premier Awards website. It is given to graduating seniors to recognize excellence of character and service to humanity.

“Words cannot express how honored and humbled I am to have received this award,” White said. “It is by far the greatest honor of my life.”

During his time at the Capstone, the senior majoring in economics and finance has served his community in a number of ways from acting as student chairman of the Blackburn Institute to founding the Audie and Kathy White Cancer Research Foundation, a volunteer organization in partnership with the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center. Yet, White tips his hat to those who helped him get to where he is today.

“More than anything, I am grateful to those who supported and encouraged me during my time at the Capstone: Dr. Ronald Dulek, Dr. Shane Sharpe, Dr. Jacqueline Morgan, Dr. Philip Westbrook and Ms. Mary Lee Caldwell,” White said. “I truly do not know where I would be had it not been for their wisdom and guidance.”

Dulek said his relationship with White is one of the highlights of his 36 years at the Capstone.

“Together I think that Joshua and I have discovered how a mentor relationship should develop,” Dulek said. “It begins professionally, but with some distance; then, if it works, it progresses into a very meaningful friendship. The truth is, I regard Joshua with the same affection as a son.”

Although White will start working at Regions Financial after his graduation, he said he is most looking forward to getting married this summer.

“I am most looking forward to getting married,” White said. “I will marry my high school sweetheart, Brittany Bullock, in June. I asked her to go to junior prom, and we’ve been together ever since.”