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College Republicans to host congressman

College Republicans will host Congressman Mo Brooks for a speech and question-and-answer session open to all students, Thursday at 5 p.m. in Russell Hall.

“He will be speaking about his life and career, on many issues of the day and some of his work in Congress. He’s had such a great career, so we’ll all have a lot to learn and talk about,” said Joe Elia, a freshman majoring in accounting and treasurer of College Republicans.

Steph Petelos, a senior majoring in economics and environmental science and president of College Republicans, said the congressman is excited to answer the tough questions anyone may have for him.

“He takes pride in being accountable to his constituents,” Petelos said. “I would imagine he will discuss sequestration and gun control. He may discuss the Supreme Court and DOMA. He knows that the event is open to all students, so I think that the event will be a lot of discussion about what is happening in Congress and in D.C.”

Petelos said the talk should be beneficial to non-Republicans as well.

“I do not see him giving a big rhetorical conservative action empowerment speech,” Petelos said.

On the other side of the aisle, Robert Christl, a senior majoring in history and political science and College Democrats president, said he hopes to hear about Brooks’ position on immigration reform.

“I am attending this event because Congressman Brooks is my congressman, and so I have a personal interest for attending. I am also attending because I am greatly interested in hearing whether or not Mr. Brooks will change his stance on immigration reform,” Christl said. “Since it’s expected that Congress will have a comprehensive piece of immigration legislation before it soon, I hope to find out if Mr. Brooks will go along with reform-minded Republicans in crafting a realistic, pragmatic and compassionate approach to dealing with undocumented immigrants.”

Petelos said she organized the event because she feels it is important for students to hear policy straight from the source, instead of getting caught up in national media hype.

“The congressman reached out to us first offering to speak if we could put everything together for him,” Petelos said. “He is thrilled to get to meet some of the students he represents to hear our concerns and answer our questions. I think it is commendable that he is coming to town to do a fundraiser and he made sure to try to get something set up for the students; he could have very easily come and gone for his fundraiser, but he contacted us, trying to reach as many students as possible on his visit.”

Although College Republicans is hosting the event, Christl said it is important for Democrats to attend.

“Party aside, public pressure will often prevail in getting a representative to rethink their position on an issue,” Christl said. “I think as Democrats it is our responsibility to see to it that Republican leaders moderate their positions to be more in line with mainstream America; and if not, we know exactly why it is we need to turn out at the polls to get Democrats elected.”


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