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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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University accepting applications for Camp 1831 A-Team until Friday

The University will select a group of 24 students to lead their new extended orientation initiative, Camp 1831. The group will be called the A-Team.

Assistant director for First Year Experience Litsa Orban said any UA undergraduate student is eligible for the A-Team so long as they meet minimum requirements, such as a 2.75 GPA and good standing with the University.

“I think the most important qualities the A-Team should possess is a passion for the University and an interest in sharing that passion,” Orban said.

Sara Hartley, executive director of First Year Experience, agreed they would not be looking for any certain type of student for the A-Team.

“We are looking for a group of students that represent UA’s campus,” Hartley said. “We are looking for current leaders and those with potential to lead. More than anything we are looking for a positive attitude and a sense of pride in UA that can be shared with our new students.”

Orban explained these students would be responsible for facilitating Camp 1831 activities as well as leading small group discussions with the student participants.

“They will be the heart of Camp 1831 and set the tone for the participants’ experience,” she said. “Essentially, they will introduce UA student life to Camp 1831 participants and support each student in beginning their UA story.”

The goal of the A-Team is to serve UA as role models and mentors that can assist new students in their transition to the University, Hartley said.

“The biggest task with this group is that they find a way to relate to each of the students in their group and help them find a connection to UA so that they feel more comfortable and excited about their first year on campus,” she said. “We hope that these student leaders will form strong relationships with the students in their small groups that last throughout college or beyond.”

A-Team members are encouraged to be involved in other campus organizations and programs, Orban said.

“The more they represent different areas of campus, the better a first-year student understands UA and all the opportunities available,” she said. “We are supportive of their involvement and will make sure they can balance their schedule to fit all their commitments.”

As far as the future goes, Hartley explained she was hopeful the A-Team group would expand over coming years.

“We believe the A-Team will start out very strong and continue to gain more familiarity and more excitement over the years,” Hartley said. “We anticipate that the students on this team will have fun serving UA in this way and that the experience will keep students coming back.”

One student, Brittany Day, majoring in political science and public relations, serves in a familiar student leadership role as an Avanti leader for Bama Bound orientation program. She said she most enjoyed the small group sessions held to help make every students transition into the University as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

“Being able to share my own experiences with incoming students was exciting,” Day said. “Every student was unique and so were their interests. Listening to their goals and hearing how they wanted to achieve them was intriguing.”

Applications for the A-Team are due Feb. 15. Then Orban said she and Hartley will both help facilitate group and individual interviews and the final group of 24 will be selected by Feb. 21.

Students interested in applying should keep in mind they are required to attend both camp sessions during Aug. 6-8 and Aug. 12-14 and all training sessions in March and April of this semester.

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