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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Breaseale looks back over previous year

SGA Executive Secretary Katie Breaseale said as she finishes her last semester, she is looking forward to what is in store for her successor.

Breaseale said her ultimate goal when she first became SGA execuive secretary was to create and maintain reports that would allow for students to see each SGA officer’s monthly progress. Breaseale said students are able to view the executive reports on the SGA Web site.

“They were created for people to see what their elected government was doing for them,” Breaseale said.

In addition to adding the executive reports to the SGA Web site, Breaseale said she did other things to improve the page. Breaseale said she appointed Ben Hodges as webmaster and kept the Web site up-to-date and worked with Chris Vinson, vice president of financial affairs, to add FAC reports to the Web site. Breaseale also added pages for the constitution and code of laws, specific initiatives and suggestions from students.

SGA President Steven Oliver specifically pointed out the work Breaseale did to improve the Web site. Oliver said she increased transparency, made sure the Web site was kept up-to-date and stayed in direct contact with the webmaster.

“Katie has been great to work with the entire year on any project in the SGA,” Oliver said.

Anne Elizabeth Davis, director of communications for the SGA, said Breaseale was a lot of help when it came to letting students know about the Spring II initiative, which allowed students the opportunity to take classes during the semester to make up for additional hours. Davis also said Breaseale helped create public relations and advertising material for the initiative.

“She was really a great help,” Davis said.

Breaseale said one thing she wishes she could have done while in office that she didn’t accomplish was changing the appearance of the SGA Web site. However, Breaseale said she expects that will happen in the next couple of semesters.

Breaseale said Kelly Corr, the executive secretary-elect, is excited about next year. Breaseale said Corr will most likely make additional improvements in executive reports. Breaseale said Corr plans to post executive reports more regularly.

“This year was kind of a trial and error year,” Breaseale said.

Breaseale said after her internship this summer and graduation in May, she plans to pursue a job in public relations. Breaseale added that she may try to find a job in politics since she is a political science major.

Breaseale said she does plan to continue to help with Ideas to Action, a project she said she enjoyed working on during her term.

Oliver said Breaseale reached out to the student body and has done a great job serving students.

“She really has a passion for the student body, and that shows,” Oliver said.

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