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Students move into East Edge despite delays

Shannon Auvil

Students expecting to move into a new apartment complex, East Edge, were turned away last week due to construction delays, but students leasing an apartment through the University were not affected, the director of housing administration said.

According to an Aug. 16 article on CBS 42’s website, students who arrived on Aug. 15 to move in spent the day waiting to do so. When the complex was issued a conditional certificate of occupancy later that night, some residents were allowed to move in.

Alicia Browne, director of housing administration, said students who chose to live at East Edge through HRC were able to move in without delay.

“All of the residents living at East Edge through HRC have been able to move in. Our residents began moving in on the evening of Aug. 15,” Browne said.

East Edge’s Facebook page indicates that the move-in for Building three was delayed until Tuesday, Aug. 21. East Edge reserved rooms at various hotels and offered to reimburse hotel expenses for those from out of town affected by the delays.

Alex Paulsen, a junior engineering major, opted to lease an East Edge Apartment through HRC.

“I wasn’t affected by the move-in delays because I’m living in Building one, which is part of UA’s on-campus housing,” said Paulsen. “However, the construction on Building 3 during move-in made it reasonably difficult to get to the back parking for the first few days.”

Paulsen said the apartments are “very nice” and “welcome change from dorm life.”

Browne said HRC is leasing and managing 227 spaces at East Edge for this academic year. HRC also leases and manages 66 spaces at the Bluff at Waterworks Landing for UA students.

“We have leased space at the Bluff and East Edge to meet demand for housing,” Browne said. “Because they do not involve HRC building an entirely new residence hall, we can react to increased demand quickly and efficiently.”

Browne said students who live at these complexes through HRC complete the HRC contract and application and are billed from their student accounts.

“We set our rates based on the amount that we pay the property and the staff that we have managing those locations,” she said.

Brass Bralley, a senior majoring in Spanish, said she decided to live at East Edge through HRC after she received an email about the opportunity this summer.

“I received an email from the UA Housing Department that said I could use my on-campus housing scholarship to live at East Edge,” she said. “I called my roommates and a few friends that were living near me on campus and we all decided to move.”

Bralley said she was extremely happy with her decision, and was fortunately able to move in on time.

“My roommate’s friends, however, along with a few other people I know, weren’t able to move in until Tuesday or later,” Bralley said. “They also have several appliances and hardware still missing that will be added later.”

Bralley said she personally has had a great experience so far, and enjoys the amenities of East Edge.

According to Browne, HRC provides a professional Community Director for the properties, as well as Assistant Community Directors and Residential Advisors.

“We are able to provide services for students that they don’t receive through the property, including roommate remediation in the case of conflicts and room changes, if needed,” Browne said.

Browne said they are also able to cancel a student’s contract early if the student graduates or leaves for another academic reason, such as study abroad or internship.x

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