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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Summer offers fitness challenges across town

Just because it’s summer in Tuscaloosa doesn’t mean University of Alabama students can’t still beat the heat and get fit, both on campus and off.

For students interested in getting in shape off campus, Midtown Village has partnered with Planet Fitness and WZBQ 94.1 to host the Fitness Challenge, offering Tuscaloosa residents and students the opportunity to win prizes for slimming down.

“Our goal for the Fitness Challenge is to reach out to the community by offering a fun way to be healthy during the summer months,” Carol Woodruff, special events and promotions manager for Midtown Village, said.

The incentive is a prize package valued at over $500, which contains a one-year membership to Planet Fitness and gift cards from participating Midtown Village retailers. The challenge will be determined by the percentage of weight lost and will include one female and one male winner.

Woodruff said over 150 people have already registered for the fitness challenge, but there is still time to join. The 60-day challenge runs from June 15 through August 13, but those interested can sign up through the end of June.

Woodruff said the challenge serves a dual purpose, both to engage the community and to promote Midtown’s latest addition, Planet Fitness.

“Since Planet Fitness is one of Midtown’s newer tenants, we wanted to help promote their new location as well as offer some incentive for people in the community to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle,” Woodruff said.

For students looking for incentive to get fit on campus, summer offers a prime time to try new activities at the student Recreation Center.

“I think certainly the summer would be a good time for students to consider a different schedule for their workouts or trying new classes at different times,” Kristen Durham, the associate director of recreation services for university recreation, said.

Durham said since students have more free time in the summer, it provides an opportunity for them to try classes they might not have been able to make it to during the school year. Durham also added that the group exercise schedule still provides lots of choices during the summer, and the Rec Center also offers intramural basketball, tennis and sand volleyball.

Durham pointed out the decrease in student numbers is also a good reason to get involved at the center.

“I think it is a lower attendance for sure, so it’s a good time to get in [to the Rec Center] and get a little more space,” Durham said.

Kathleen Cook, a junior majoring in public relations, said she beats the summer heat by taking indoor workout classes.

“I go to more Rec Center classes, which make you more accountable,” said Cook. “You can take your friends, and the classes last around an hour so you’re guaranteed a good workout.”

Cook said she finds it easier to stay fit during summer school because she feels she has much more free time, while still having some structure in the average school day.

“In the summer, you have more flexibility in general,” Cook said. “Exercise is a good way to break up long summer days.”

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