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Q&A with uncontested VP for external affairs candidate Walker Parsons

CW / Ronni Rowan
Photo courtesy of the SGA

Walker Parsons is a sophomore majoring in finance, a senator for Culverhouse College of Business, and the chair of the Financial Affairs Committee. 

Q: What made you want to run for Vice President of External Affairs? 

“As a senator you’re very much in contact with a lot of the vice president’s legislation and ideas, and it was through that contact and building those personal relationships that I really got to know the ins and outs of these positions. For external affairs I got to like how the position is open-ended and you can do whatever you want with that. And so, that’s the route I was drawn to, given that you’re not bound by what you can do. So, the open-endedness, the opportunity to do so much drove me to run for this position.” 

Q: What are two initiatives you hope to accomplish if elected? 

“If elected, I really want to push for civic engagement this upcoming year. We’re in an election year, a big election in November. I want students to know how to register to vote, how to vote absentee. I’d like to expand on existing programs — do Battle of the Bands, increase student engagement with that and the bands. And things like the end-of-year pickup bins in dorms. I really want to harp on that and make sure students know what’s going on so that we can collect those donations and give back to the Tuscaloosa community.” 

Q: What is the biggest problem you see on campus? 

“The biggest problem is what I just mentioned before, civic engagement. A lot of students are just in the dark about when it comes to being a registered voter, how to vote absentee back home. Those are big issues that I’ve seen, a lot of kids just don’t know what’s going on. This year I’d like to highlight those processes and connect with students on that — let them know that there are people here that are willing to help and want to see them civically engaged. It’s actually a very important thing, especially out of college when they go into their careers, being active in the political process. 

Q: What do you think about the election being uncontested? 

“While it is uncontested, I still think I bring a lot of qualities to this position. I think my time in FYC [First Year Council] and the Senate developed good knowledge for what’s required in this position. I don’t think that takes away from my qualifications as a candidate whatsoever.” 

Q: How do you plan on increasing SGA transparency? 

“If elected, I’ll make it my absolute goal to be within the SGA office as much as humanly possible. And going along with that, I’ll plan on responding to emails or inquiries about what I’m doing preferably that same day. Always having myself out there lending a helping hand and letting the students know that I’m always there for them. I’d love to sit down and talk. I’d like to avoid just being a name and face. If people can see you, I like to be out there and know they can reach me.” 

Q: What is one last thing you want voters to know about you? 

“My name is Walker Parsons. I’m running for vice president of external affairs. I’m a hard worker, I’m a go-getter, and I’m willing to go that extra mile to serve students here at UA. I’d like to remind you to partner with Parsons on Feb. 27 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on myBama.” 

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