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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Q&A with uncontested executive secretary candidate Jensyn Seay

CW / Ronni Rowan
Photo courtesy of the SGA

Jensyn Seay is a sophomore majoring in political science and public relations, and she is a senator for the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Q: What made you want to run for this position? 

“I wanted to run for this position because I’ve already served previously in secretarial roles within the Student Government Association. I currently serve as secretary of the Senate, and seeing the impact I can have on the student body by being able to pass and promote my own legislation ideas but also by helping others made me really excited about the opportunity to run for executive secretary and benefit the student body on a wider scale through that position.” 

Q: What are two initiatives you want to accomplish in this position? 

“There are so many that I am so passionate about. You have to give me a second to narrow it. I think two in particular that I am incredibly excited about are the Student Government Association progress report, which would essentially just allow the student body to have a better insight into what we’ve done in the last semester, how we did it, kind of make them more excited about potentially being involved within the Student Government Association, and another is my angel tree initiative. That initiative would work to partner with students at UA and students in the Tuscaloosa community to have our own personal angel tree here which benefits them.” 

Q: What is the biggest problem you see on campus? 

“I think the biggest problem on campus right now, specifically pertaining to SGA, is a matter of distrust and a lack of communication sometimes between the Student Government Association and the student body. I hope to improve that through, like I said, the SGA progress report and also through a meeting request form, which would allow students to be placed in contact with the correct member of SGA, so they can sit down and voice their concerns to them.” 

Q: What are your thoughts on your election being uncontested? 

“I think that when I decided to run for executive secretary the most important thing to me was that I was able to get my ideas and platform out to the student body and to make them just as passionate about these things and ideas which I have developed as I am, and that hasn’t changed at all with me being uncontested. I am still super thrilled for this opportunity and hope I can make them just as excited as I am.” 

Q: How do you plan on increasing SGA transparency? 

“Like I said already, it’s definitely going to be through meeting request forms, working with the student body. I want them to feel included. I have always loved helping people and helping others and I think that the best way for SGA to benefit the student body — which is our job: students serving students, — is by working with them, and I am really excited to try and get as many students as I can on board with my personal initiatives and goals.” 

Q: What is one last thing you want voters to know about you? 

“I want voters to know that while I am so excited about serving SGA and I have loved working with Student Government Association, I am even more excited about serving them and working with them, and I hope that they feel as though they can come talk to me anytime. I hope that they will guarantee to Seay commitment, harmony and collaboration on Feb. 27, and I am super excited about this opportunity.” 

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