Our View

The campus of the University of Alabama is rife with divisions. We divide ourselves based on race — from our fraternities and sororities to the tables in the dining halls; we split along the lines of greek affiliation, student group membership, majors, AP credits, what state we come from and countless other differences.

The Crimson White has faithfully and tirelessly reported on these divisions from day one. It’s our job. We have worked to uncover corruption and expose the problems students deal with every day.

But every day, there’s something new. “Blah blah, it’s too crowded. Blah blah, there’s nowhere to park. Blah blah, where is the administration when you need it? Blah blah he’s a racist. Blah blah, oh my gosh that girl is wearing the same dress as me to this party.” Come on.

Sometimes, you know, we agree. We sit down, talk about our opinions and write these little Our Views where we try to take a stand. And for what? What happens? Do you guys even read these?

The president of a glorified mock government resigns over fake politics. Someone else gets hit by a car. The president of the University leaves the campus in 30,000 shambles.

You know what? We’re tired of all of this.

Half the newsroom is a month away from graduation, and by “graduation,” we mean wiping our unemployed butts with our diplomas. We understand that we’re willing passengers on a sinking ship, but that doesn’t mean we have to put up with your petty issues. We’ve got our own problems, and you know what? Sometimes we just want a drink.

But, no. We can’t even unwind at a bar because every time we put our feet up, a McDonalds has to get Hepatitis A or new anti-CW Twitter account gets started.

So, we’re done. We’ve been hiding a bottle of Jack in a drawer next to our desk, and now, we don’t feel guilty about cracking it open. Enjoy being in the dark because we’re going to enjoy leaving you there. It is the opinion of the editorial board that we are going to take a nap.

Our View is the consensus of The Crimson White’s editorial board. Chief Copy Editor John Davis recused himself from the nap and went to the bar instead.