Dance Alabama! students to host first student produced #SICKMOVES concert

Rachel Seale, Contributing Writer

Who: Dance Alabama! 

What: #SICKMOVES Concert

When: April 29 at 7:30 p.m.

Where: UA Dance Theatre


Dance Alabama will host its first student produced show entitled #SICKMOVES on April 29 at 7:30 p.m. The concert will take place in the Dance Theatre on campus and admission is $15. Tickets can be ordered online through

Kyler Durrence, Dance Alabama’s vice president and associate director and advisor for the show, said the concert is the organization’s first completely student-produced show.

“Typically the Dance Alabama concert, which is usually student choreography and shares the same name as the dance organization, is actually put on by the Department of Theatre and Dance. They are taking away the Dance Alabama concert for next year so that will not exist,” Durrence said.

The #SICKMOVES concert will take the place of the usual student choreographed show next year in order to focus on other departmental opportunities.

Durrence said anyone can choreograph or dance in the #SICKMOVES concert, not just dance majors. This year’s show will consist of 28 choreographed dances, including seven solo acts.

In their bid for independence, the DA students paid for the venue and are producing the show without any monetary help from UA.

Durrence said this concert will help set the organization up to produce future shows on their own. The students in the show have more creative freedom with this production and don’t have to worry about auditioning and getting cut from performances.

“We hope audiences can come and enjoy an evening of dance,” Durrence said. “This show gives everyone a chance to put their work on stage in any capacity so the audience gets to see a wide range of works.”