Q&A: VP for financial affairs candidate Eric Doh

CW News Staff

Eric Doh is a junior majoring in finance who currently serves as treasurer.  


Q: How did you get involved with the SGA? 

A: “I first got involved in SGA when, [in] my freshman year, I applied to be Sullivan Irvine’s chief administrative officer when he was serving as the Vice President for Financial Affairs. That was under the Fields administration. After that, I was asked to step in as treasurer … and I’ve been doing that ever since.” 

Q: What made you want to run for this position? 

A: “I’ve seen my fair share of successful events as well as what it looks like to really persevere through setbacks. These experiences have given me the best opportunity … to successfully and positively impact UA students in the future.” 

Q: Why are you the best choice for this position?  

A: “I believe I’m the best choice for VPFA because of my past experiences as VPFA Sullivan Irvine’s chief administrative officer … as well as my two terms as SGA treasurer right now. These past few years, I’ve been able to learn the ins and outs of the position as well as understand what aspects of the job could use the most improvement.”  

Q: How do you facilitate outreach to organizations that don’t typically apply for FAC funding? 

A: “This year, me and Lauryn Parker actually worked for Club Fair Day where it was a big goal of ours to hand out papers and notify all the organizations that were out there that FAC funding is a thing, and, if you follow all the steps in the guidelines, that we are totally willing to give you money in order to benefit your organization.”  

Q: How do you plan on increasing SGA transparency? 

A: “Increasing transparency is actually one of the main points I’m running on, and a big aspect of my plan to increase transparency is hosting something I currently have titled ‘a full transparency week.’ This week will involve hosting panels on how the SGA budget is used, how FAC funding works, and, most importantly, how our tuition is being used to benefit the daily lives of students.” 

Q: What’s your number one goal with this position?  

A: “My biggest goal right now … revolves all around modernizing FAC funding. My plan includes creating a system to reward consistent and reliable organizations to ensure that the money we’re giving out at FAC is being used responsibly.”  

Q: What’s one last thing you want voters to know about you?  

A: “One thing I want voters to know about me is that I’ll always be there for them. I’m willing to work with any student, or any organization, and I want them to know that my office will always be open. I think this is just really important when it comes to increasing transparency.”