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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Ceremony ends Capstone Creed Week

The 2010 Capstone Creed Week ended its festivities Friday in Moody Music Hall by honoring faculty and students with the annual Capstone Heroes ceremony.

“Trophies come and go, but our service is never forgotten,” said Jay Seawell, head coach of UA’s men’s golf team and guest speaker of the ceremony.

Ten students, four faculty members and one campus program were honored during the ceremony.

Among the honorees were Roy Clem and Tony Humphries of WVUA. Clem and Humphries saved their co-worker’s life after he suffered a stroke.

Clem, the general manager of WVUA, said both men worked together and gave their partner CPR. He said both he and Humphries knew CPR and just happened to be there at the right time.

“We checked for a pulse, I gave the breaths and Tony did the compressions, then all of a sudden he took a breath,” said Clem.

Humphries said that he did not consider himself a hero and did not even remember it happening because of the fast-paced situation. He also said being nominated as a Capstone Hero came as a shock.

“I thought it was a joke,” he said. “I was like, is this Punk’d?”

Both the men said they did not deserve all of the credit for saving their friend. Each of the honorees told of how another co-worker deserved the real credit for their act of bravery.

“This is a nice honor, but if it wasn’t for Vicky Richardson, we wouldn’t have been able to rescue Orzelle.”

Richardson was with the man when he became ill and yelled for help immediately.

“It was all timed perfectly,” she said. “Thank God that Tony and Roy were there to help lift him.”

Director of Student Involvement Corrie Harris said each year the University honors individuals and organizations who contribute values of creed to the Capstone, and she said each honoree truly deserves the recognition.

According to a news release, the Capstone Hero Award was created to honor students, faculty, staff and student organizations whose contributions to life at the Capstone reflect the values within the Capstone Creed. Since 2005, nearly 70 individuals and organizations have been honored with this award.

The 2010 Capstone Heroes

-Alan Blinder, a sophomore political science major and managing editor of The Crimson White

-Anna Foley, a junior English major,

-Michelle Fuentes, a doctoral student in political science,

-Jeff Grice, a senior accounting major;

-John Hammontree, a senior English major,

-Abigail Hardin, a sophomore apparel design major,

-Sarah Beth Henson, a senior political science major,

-Caitlin Looney, a senior journalism major,

-Andres Peña, a junior management major,

-Frances Watts, a senior health care management major;

-Kimberly Bowens, victim advocate at Women’s Resource Center,

-Rick Funk, senior associate director, Undergraduate Admissions,

-Clem and Humphries of WVUA and the UA Honors College Mentoring Program.

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