Letter to the Editor: Vote Republican in the Midterms

Garrett Marchand, Contributing Columnist

The Democrats have held control of Congress and the presidency for the last two years. Yet, they have failed to address the significant economic issues facing the average American.

With gas prices rising, grocery bills ballooning, and inflation consistently hovering between 8% and 10%, the Biden presidency has been an abject failure.

Biden signed the so-called Inflation Reduction Act to combat this inflation, but this act does nothing to curtail inflation while raising taxes on businesses and spending more money on the Democrat’s climate change agenda. The robust increase in spending may lead to more inflation in the long run, the exact opposite of what the propagandic name suggests.

It is important to remember the context under which Biden has been able to have bills like the Inflation Reduction Act passed. In the last election, the traditionally Republican state of Georgia, in surprise fashion, delivered two Democratic senators, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, the latter of whom is up for re-election this year, handing control of the Senate to the Democrats.

However, because of partisan gridlock in the closely divided 50-50 Senate, moderate Democrat senators like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have held up their own party’s agenda for personal political gain and pet projects in their home states. For example, Joe Manchin received special treatment for fossil fuel industries  in return for his support of Biden’s agenda.

Although the economy is undoubtedly America’s biggest worry going into election day, the problems do not stop at just the economy. While many issues exist, it is essential to look at Biden’s policy on the southern border. Most importantly, there has been a surge of illegal immigration because of the Biden administration’s soft border rhetoric and the ending of the Trump era remain-in-Mexico policy.

In response to this incompetence on the part of the President, Republican governors have begun shipping migrants to Democrat-run cities and states.

Sanctuary-city Democrats and state governors declare states of emergency to deal with the illegal immigration crisis, finally getting a taste of what border towns receive on a routine basis.

This year, Republicans have focused on the weak economy, promising to restore economic credibility and stave off an impending recession while also honing in on issues like illegal immigration.

The average American cares first about their paychecks and the prices they pay for essential goods at the grocery store and at the pump. This election, Republicans are campaigning on fixing just these problems. Given the Democrats’ track record over the last two years, students should give the Republicans a chance to lead in Congress.

While students at The University of Alabama are just that: college students, students have a say in how this country is governed. Your vote matters, and in this election, many young Americans are voting for the first time. Therefore, when you go to the ballot box this year, think about the county you want to live in now and when you leave college. 

Start voting this year, and make sure your voice is heard because, in this election, you get to decide how the country is governed. Let’s make sure it is governed the right way.