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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Comedian brings laughter, awareness

Laughter flooded the Ferguson Center Theater Wednesday night as Preacher Moss educated his guests on the aspects of racial understanding through humor.

“If the Klan had to have a bake sale, I would go just to get the brownies,” Moss said jokingly. “Be free black brownies, be free.”

The University Union and Crossroads Community Center hosted comedian Preacher Moss’ “End of Racism” comedy/lecture tour to help conclude the celebration of black history month at the Capstone.

“Understanding diversity and multiculturalism requires that we eliminate or reduce the anxiety of our ignorance and how to speak honestly when we can’t,” Moss said

Moss is a comedian known for his ability to integrate everyday life into his comedy. As a man who has worked with such comedians as Dave Chappelle and George Lopez, Moss grabs audiences’ attention with his charisma and comedic timing.

“Racism affects all people,” Moss said. “Trust me. I’ve been black a long time.”

The jokes flowed throughout the night as Moss gave useful insight about the way he felt about racism and its origin.

“The place racism comes from is oppression,” Moss said. “It is comprised of arrogance, envy and iniquity.”

Justin Zimmerman, a graduate student majoring in public administration, said he thought the show was worth seeing.

“I really enjoyed it,” Zimmerman said. “I think some of the jokes were too much for some people, but that is what was so great about it.”

According to a University Union news release, the University Union supports, supplements and complements the overall academic, research, and service mission of the University by offering a wide variety of high-quality services, collaborative programming, and leisure time activities, including such things as the “End of Racism” Comedy Tour/Lecture.

“The University of Alabama is a campus that needs to be able to have open dialogue about race and diversity, especially given its history, said Amanda Rivera, University Programs student director and coordinator of the event, in the news release.

“Preacher Moss allows that dialogue to happen in a comedic and thought provoking way so that hopefully, students will listen before they shut it out. I hope it reminds us all that these issues don’t stop at the end of the month; we need to keep talking about it, keep laughing together, and work towards becoming a more culturally accepting campus.”

Preacher Moss is taking his “End of Racism” Tour to colleges all over the country and hopes to return to Tuscaloosa after this trip.

“I haven’t been down to Alabama in a while, on purpose,” Moss joked during his show.

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