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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Four SGA candidates face no opposition

Four candidates for executive SGA offices are running unopposed.

Stephen Swinson, who is running for vice president of student affairs, said that he would like to improve the Football Ticket Exchange.

He said students who receive donated tickets need to have a better alert than an e-mail, which students often don’t check because they already are glued to the television to watch the game instead. Swinson said because they are penalized for not using three tickets, it is important that students receive a text message or phone call instead to alert them.

Swinson said he wants to work with UA health and wellness departments to spread health awareness, form a committee to investigate the needs of students with children, and update the campus living map.

Swinson also said he wants to conduct a residential hall tailgate so that each dormitory can have its own tailgate party and socialize.

Grant Cochran, who is running for vice president of external affairs, said he wants to hold a gubernatorial debate at the University this fall.

He said that in addition to planning for the gubernatorial debate, he wants to enhance the Crimson Watch program, which promotes safe living habits for students and a neighborhood watch program.

“I want to take advantage of the services it offers and then enhance it,” Cochran said. “I also want to make sure that students in neighborhoods are informed about city ordinances.”

He also said he wants to re-establish what he calls the “Summer Give and Go,” where students leaving campus for the summer are encouraged to donate clothes or items they will not use anymore.

Nicole Bohannon, who is running for executive vice president, said she would like to ensure that SGA senators work on issues pertaining to their respective colleges and not just broad campus issues.

She said that she wants to encourage students to create academic plans that are based on a four-year college schedule. She said she also wants to help students on academic probation learn how to get back on track.

She also said she wants to create monthly roundtable meetings between SGA executives and student organization leaders so that the SGA can keep in touch with student groups.

Kelly Corr, who is running unopposed for executive secretary, said she wants to increase SGA transparency by adding Senate resolutions to the SGA Web site frequently. She said she plans to work with Bohannon, if elected, to make sure that records are posted online in a timely manner.

Corr also said she wants to consistently update executive summaries online, which show the work that an executive representative has done throughout his or her tenure.

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