Opinion | Guest submissions provide a deeper insight into student perspectives

Carson Lott, Opinions Editor

The Crimson White Opinions Desk is one of the most effective forms of media for highlighting diverse perspectives from across the UA student body.

The desk covers a wide range of topics, from state politics and culture, to the best coffee shops in Tuscaloosa, and everything in between. 

Though the opinions desk has a team of students from a range of different backgrounds, hometowns, majors and other interests, there is never a surplus of unique outlooks and opinions at The Crimson White. 

The University changes and grows every year. With shifting demographics and frequent influx of new students, the opinions desk seeks to better represent and encourage dialogue from the University’s community at large. 

Additionally, as the world becomes increasingly polarized, it’s more important than ever to cover the interests and opinions of all students. 

Guest submissions are an impactful way for students who aren’t associated with The Crimson White to voice their thoughts on any issue or topic. Submissions are edited like standard pieces written by a columnist and are distributed through newsletters and official social media accounts. 

The opinions desk encourages all University students, no matter their writing experience, academic interests, political affiliation, religion and more to submit an opinion via The Crimson White’s website. Students should take advantage of guest submissions to expand their own horizons and to provide The Crimson White’s readers with a fresh perspective. 

Any submissions, questions, comments or concerns can be directed to [email protected].