UA nixes mail fee for off-campus undergraduates

Ainsley Platt, News Editor

The University of Alabama announced in an email that the controversial $25 mail service fee for off-campus undergraduate students would not be assessed this semester. 

According to the email, “no action is required” by students. 

The roll back of the fee comes after confusion over who the fee applied to and conflicting messages from the University and the messages students were receiving when they went to opt-out.  

Under the original social media post announcing the fee on Aug. 1, the University said that students would have until Aug.10 to opt-out of receiving packages and not be charged, but also said that any off-campus student that received a package between Aug. 4 and Aug. 10 would not be able to opt out. 

According to Stacy Vaughn, the executive director of Campus Mail, the fee was supposed to help “invest in needed resources…to continue to offer services to off-campus students.” 

The UA News email said the fee would be delayed and did not share when the mail fee would be implemented in the future.