Meet SGA VP for student affairs candidate Luke Dille

Luke Dille is running uncontested for Student Government Association VP for student affairs. The election will take place March 8, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on myBama.

Ty Boyle, Contributing Writer

Q: How did you get involved with SGA?

A: Yeah. So freshman year — or really before freshman year, starting in about seventh grade — I’ve always been involved in some sort of student representative body. That’s something that I was passionate about from a young age. I really continued that through my high school career. So whenever I decided to come to The University of Alabama, I looked up any sort of student government that I could find, and I found it on a website and I found it in something called [First Year Council.] So I knew before I even got on campus that I wanted to join FYC if I was selected, so I applied before I even got here. I did that. I loved serving on FYC like passing things even though as I resumed my freshman year, I got to know a ton of people passing some good things. And I continued that and the Senate as I wanted to do that SGA journey. And now I’m hoping to continue it with the vice president of student affairs, kind of continuing to give back through student government, which some of you have been passionate about for a long time.

Q: Why did you want to run for VP of student affairs?

A: I really was looking at a bunch of different options just because I knew I wanted to get into service beyond the senate. I was looking at different positions I could run for, and I connected most with the vice president of student affairs, because it kind of encompasses the whole student experience rather than just one aspect. So that means I can use sort of a holistic approach to each student to access necessary resources, or just create a new set of resources. So I kind of like it because it encompasses everything and gives me a lot of leeway, a lot of room to move around and serve students. 

Q: Why are you the best choice for this position?

A: I would say I’m the best choice because I was an experienced hard worker whenever I was in FYC. I really did my best to work with other people and get some stuff on the table to pass in terms of legislation, but I continue that. Instead of by working with different vice presidents, different senators, to work on the ideas that we had created during creating platform points for Senate. I actually passed the most legislation in the fall semester of the Senate, which I consider a big accomplishment for myself. Because I really was as an elected senator trying to set out to do the best and work the hardest, because I’m so appreciative to get that position. So with the vice president of student affairs, I’ll be so appreciative and honored if I get to serve as this vice president position, and I was going to want to work the hardest out of everyone. It really shows appreciation and represents those voters. 

Q: What’s your opinion on the election being uncontested?

A: You know, I think that there’s a ton of great candidates that submitted their names for these positions. And so being uncontested is definitely different. It means that I’m appreciative that I will hopefully get to serve as vice president of student affairs. There’s just a ton of qualified people running and able and willing to do the job. 

Q: What is the biggest problem you see on campus? 

A: Oh, man. As you probably know, I came to The University of Alabama as a student of COVID, basically. So I am a sophomore right now, which means that whenever I came in, we had a ton of mandates. We couldn’t go to any football games. Oh, there’s a bunch of different things that really had a big negative impact on student spirit. Oh, and so I know the whole world has been on a tough, uphill battle tour towards normality. I think the university is doing that as well. And so I think we can really increase school spirit on campus. I think School Spirit helps not only with, you know, cheering in the football games or other sports events, but also just general mental health and student togetherness. I think it kind of connects us as a campus and solves some issues of, you know, division and other sorts of things that we combat. On campus. So I really want to not only return that sort of spirit back to normal but I also want to increase it with some different – different initiatives. I hope to push forward.

 Q: What do you hope to accomplish as VP of student affairs? 

A: Yeah, I think when I was running through, like thinking about running for this position, I was sitting actually in one of my classes in the math and science building, and I noticed that neither me or any of my classmates and that entire 100-person class can connect to the WiFi. So I kind of started with that as my first ever platform — just increasing connectivity on campus, whether that’s through campus WiFi as soon as you know. I think we can do a better job of putting all the resources to one on campus printing, student access to reputable news sources. I think that getting our students connected is one of the most important things, and so I hope to increase their civic connectivity whether that’s through any of those resources or other things.

Q: How do you plan to increase transparency within SGA?

 A: Yeah, hopefully to increase transparency in the Student Government Association by sponsoring bills for posting the docket on a website, posting our hours on the SGA website, different other things like that. I think it’s really important that the student government has a little bit of a problem with getting the most amount possible of students engaged with our process. And I really hope to host events, I’ll reach out on social media and really get students involved with the student government process.

Q: Is there one last thing you want voters to know about you?

A: You know, I want to let voters know that not only that I work hard, but also that I really care. Like I care about these issues. I care about students. And I’m involved in a lot of different organizations on campus. But one thing that connects to all the organizations that I’m involved in, is an air of caring and a passion to serve. I plan to put students first via direct line of communication, so students are on campus and really help anyone I can.