SGA Bill Would Require 60% of Grades Posted by Add-Drop Date

Alex Gravlee, Contributing Writer

The Student Government Association Senate unanimously encouraged instructors to post at least 60% of each student’s total grades to Blackboard Learn before the drop date resulting in a W. 

The W drop date is the last day students can drop classes for a W on their transcript, a grade that does not impact GPA or scholarship opportunities and allows students to “wipe the slate clean.” The date is two-thirds of the way into the semester; hence the legislation encourages 60% of each student’s total grade to be posted. 

The W drop date for this semester was Oct. 27. 

Senators Cameron Doyle and Amanda Allen, two authors of the legislation, said they hope their collaboration with Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs Luoheng Han will spread their message to instructors.  

“We’re really excited to be working with Dr. Han, and he is definitely going to be a big part of our encouraging of faculty and reaching out to faculty,” Allen said.

The legislation aims to assist students who are on the fence about a class before the W drop date. The authors hope that showing students 60% of their grade will allow them to make an informed decision before dropping a class. 

The authors said they were open to the idea of pushing this legislation to the Faculty Senate. 

“I know that in SGA we are always looking to form new connections on campus, form new ways to collaborate, and so that will definitely be one of my new tasks in the SGA office next week,” Allen said. 

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