Legacy Edition | Letters from the editors

Keely Brewer

The Crimson White and Nineteen Fifty-Six Magazine are the oldest and newest student publications on The University of Alabama campus. The CW has a 127-year-long history. Nineteen Fifty-Six is in its second year. Our histories differ, but the current staffs of both publications share the same goal: to leave a legacy of diversity and anti-racism while advocating for all students.

Under the guidance of some past editors, The CW has aligned itself with these values, but these values must be synonymous with our organization. Last year’s collaboration with Nineteen Fifty-Six was a step toward that goal, and this year’s edition is a continuation of what we hope will be a lasting and strong relationship with our sister publication. 

Since last year’s collaboration, The CW has published its first staff demographics report, which is publicly available on our website. We’ve hired our first race and identity reporters on the culture and news desks — which are funded through MASTHEAD, an alumni group supporting diversity in UA Student Media — and we’ve introduced systems to track the diversity of our sources. These are intended to be permanent fixtures at our organization. 

Nineteen Fifty-Six was founded with these principles in mind, and has already built a legacy on campus. This collaboration between our publications was created to recognize our own legacies and consider our trajectories. With consistency and intentionality, both publications can create a legacy worth being proud of. 

Tionna Taite

The merging of these two publications signifies the progress that the University has made.

This collaboration leaves behind a legacy for years to come.  The notable Maya Angelou once said, “If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased.” Maya Angelou left behind a legacy through her activism, poems and so much more. She is a prominent example of the impact both written and spoken words can have on society.

This special edition dives into the numerous ways that alumni, students and public figures have created legacies at the University. As you read this special edition, you will see that there are many ways to leave behind a legacy. 

One way that I strive to do so is by creating a platform for students, particularly minority students, to have their voices heard. Another way that I strive to leave a legacy is by sharing the stories of those who may not have had the opportunity to do so themselves. 

Why is creating a legacy so important? Leaving behind a legacy allows those who come after you to have guidance and more opportunities. Some of you have already begun creating a legacy and just have not realized it. Some of you are the products of the legacy that your ancestors created. Truly, we all have a legacy to create and share. 

I am pleased to present this collaboration between Nineteen Fifty-Six and The Crimson White. I am certain that this special edition will educate and inspire you to leave behind a legacy of your own.

This story was published in the Legacy Edition. View the complete issue here.

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